Activist urges Mayor Nicola Smith to join national mayors climate group

Steven Greenebaum addresses the Lynnwood City Council on Monday night. (Photo by Natalie Covate)

During the Lynnwood City Council meeting on Monday night, Steven Greenebaum, minister at Lynnwood’s Living Interfaith Church, took the podium to urge councilmembers and Mayor Nicola Smith to support the Paris Climate Agreement.

“The issue couldn’t be more stark or immediate,” Greenebaum said. “What kind of planet will we bequeath to our children and grandchildren? I ask you to act and to act as quickly as possible.”

Over 290 mayors and 12 governors from across the country have signed on, including the mayors of Edmonds and Everett, following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement earlier this month. Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling told our sister website My Edmonds News earlier this month that he feels “it is important for our city to emphasize our local commitment and continued effort to improve our environment.”

Should the mayor decide to sign onto the agreement, the City of Lynnwood would not be committing a certain number of dollars. Rather, it would just be committing to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement by making the city as green as possible.

Greenebaum said the time to act is now.

“As has been said by others, there is no Plan B. This is our home. This is our planet. This is it,” he said.

In February, Greenebaum was part of the effort to urge the Lynnwood City Council to support the Standing Rock Sioux in their protest against the creation of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Lynnwood City Council adopted a resolution to that effect earlier this year.


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