‘B’ bay buses will go to different bays during platform painting


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The “B” bus bay at the Lynnwood Transit Center will be closed starting Wednesday, Aug. 31.

It’s part of a project to repaint the passenger bays.

Buses that typically go to that bay will be rerouted as follows:

  • Route 120 – Bay E1
  • Route 115 and 116 – Bay E2
  • Route 113 – Bay E3
  • Route 201 and 202 – Bay E4
  • Route 112 – Bay E5

The Lynnwood Transit Center recommends passengers arrive earlier than usual to catch their bus. Work is expected to take two weeks, though it could take slightly more or less time.

Once work is complete on the “B” bays, work will begin on the “C” bays.


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