February students of the month: Lynnwood and Meadowdale high schools


Lynnwood High School

Shaun Yao

Student Name: Shaun Yao
Mother’s Name: Arlene Sinfuego
Father’s Name: Thomas Yao
GPA: 3.4
Clubs & Activities: My favorite things to do are drawing and building. I like to do some drawing and I’m looking forward to writing a book. I like to draw because I feel like a great artist. It’s also calming while listening to music. I felt proud of myself because I like to draw some characters and feel inspired from the things I see. Sometimes I make my characters look like the ones from “Adventure Time,” but a little different. I like to build things with both Legos and K’nex. When I was a little kid I liked building things because it’s fun to make creations. I kept feeling from the things in my imagination. I decided to build creations because I felt amazed about what I built like starships and Mechs. I think both my hobbies are really fun. I guess I should keep doing these more often.
Honors: Student of the Month in 2017; Honors in 2014
Awards: I came to honors in my high school a few times. Year 2013-2014: academic achievement fall semester 2014-2015 and best sportsmanship 2015-2016 for team sports. I got a Certificate of Achievement from The Leadership Coalition for completing a leadership training in team-building, decision-making and collaborative teamwork August 1, 2016.
Community Service: I was given the opportunity to be a part of Goodwill Youth Aerospace Program last summer of 2016 to present. I engaged in a lot of volunteering experiences from this program. I was a volunteer at the Project homeless service, helped out Institute of flight gala, the big SGI glitter sale at Seattle Goodwill, Boys and Girls Club – teaching little kids to fly drones and the most recent is the Martin Luther King, Jr. service.
Significant School Project: I worked really hard on the elections in Ms. Kriscovich’s class with my group, and we did have a lot of fun.
Current Employment: Boeing Workforce Development training Feb. 13, 2017-current
Future Educational Goals: I plan on attending college for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center (AMTEC).
Future Career Goals: I love communicating my ideas to people through my creative drawings and building. I want to see myself becoming involved in the aerospace industry someday.
Anything else we should know? Even though I’ve been in school for 12 years, and even though it can be challenging, I will never give up learning more. So when I go to college or get a job I won’t give up either. In my free time I like to make a comic book and maybe someday I can be a successful comic book writer. I really appreciate the opportunity to be given this award. I am currently in the work force program.

Holly Davis

Student Name: Holly Davis
Mother’s Name: Nancy Davis
Father’s Name: Christopher Davis
GPA: 3.93
Clubs & Activities: I am involved in Hi-Q, Tri-M and band. Hi-Q is a Jeopardy-like club where we compete against different schools. Our season goal is to make it to playoffs. Tri-M is a music honor society which is a voluntary program for music students. We organized a very successful food drive in November. I have played the Clarinet since 5th grade. The past two years I’ve had the privilege to play in the highest band, the Wind Ensemble.
ASB: I am the ASB Treasurer which is a part of the ASB executive board. I am currently enrolled in the Lynnwood Leadership class that organizes most ASB events.
Athletics: I run cross country in the fall and then I play tennis in the spring. It’s always a great day to be a Royal.
Honors: I am currently enrolled in three AP classes: AP Government and Politics, AP Biology and AP Calculus BC.
Awards: I received music student of the month for November 2016. I was the Athlete of the Week for my 2016 tennis season. I received 2016 AP scholar award.
Future Educational Goals: Next year, I will be attending Boise State University and studying Pre-Law or Political Science. Go Broncos!

Meadowdale High School

Liam Ball

Student Name: Liam Ball
Mother’s Name
: Aoife Kinsella-Ball
Father’s Name: Gerald Ball
GPA: 3.78
Clubs & Activities: LGBTQ+ Club President; Equity Team
ASB: Vice President
Athletics: Captain, varsity wrestling
Honors: AP photography; AP literature and composition; AP biology; calculus
Awards: Wrestling District and Regional Champion 2017; Edmonds Invite Champion 2017 and most outstanding wrestler; Everett Classic Champion 2017; Lynden Invitational Champion and most outstanding wrestler 2017.
Community Service: Volunteered for Jay Inslee and Patty Murray’s campaign by canvassing houses.
Significant School Project: Diversity Assembly to recognize how privilege plays a role in our community.
Current Employment: Sales associate at Pacsun
Future Educational Goals: Four year university and possibly getting a degree in political science.
Future Career Goals: Become a senator in Canadian Parliament.

Brooke Hoppe

Student Name: Brooke Hoppe
Mother’s Name: Penny Hoppe
Father’s Name: Steve Hoppe
GPA: 4.0
Clubs & Activities: Secretary of National Honors Society, Link Crew Leader, member of HiQ
Athletics: Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track
Honors: Cross Country captain, Homecoming Queen
Awards: American Association of University Women in Science Award
Community Service: Volunteered over 90 hours for the Student Conservation Association and packaged food at Food Lifeline
Future Educational Goals: Attend a private four-year university to study biochemistry with a focus on pre-med
Future Career Goals: To work in the medical field


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