On the Fence installation features Tube Project by Lynnwood artist

“Together” by Naoko Morisawa. (Photo courtesy Edmonds Arts Commission)

The new On the Fence installation, “Together,” on Main Street in nearby Edmonds is a Tube Project by Lynnwood artist Naoko Morisawa.

Morisawa is known for her award-winning studio work in wood mosaic. A contemporary update of traditional Japanese wood mosaic that was popular in the Edo period (1603-1868), her pieces are fabricated from thousands of very small slices of natural and oil dyed wood. They explore imagery that comes from everyday natural and manufactured items such as a wave, waterfall, or shoes, with her recent work also exploring abstractions. Morisawa is represented by Frederick Holmes and Company, Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seattle.

This time she is using the idea of parts incorporated into an object, a kind of “mosaic” style, by using garden hose. The tube artwork represents two snails together, a mother and child. As with a previous project last year, Octopus, the artist is referencing Edmonds’ proximity to the water, and hopes that people walking or driving by will enjoy these simple creatures. When the sun returns, look for the shadow of the line sculpture on the sidewalk.

On the Fence is a temporary art project of the City of Edmonds Arts Commission. Artists interested in creating installations for one of three locations are encouraged to contact the Arts Commission, eac@edmondswa.gov or call 425-771-0228. For more information about the artist, go to www.naokomorisawa.com.


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