Lynnwood City Council votes to continue moratoriums on marijuana

The Lynnwood City Council unanimously voted to continue the moratoriums on marijuana businesses and medical cannibus collective gardens that were passed last month.

A public hearing at Monday’s city council meeting drew scant interest from the public as only two individuals spoke out on the issue.

Both retail sales and medical use were addressed in two separate ordinances. One adopted a moratorium on the acceptance and filing of applications for and the licensing, establishment, location, operation, maintenance and continuation medical cannabis collective gardens.

The other ordinance addressed marijuana businesses and marijuana operations under Initiative 502. The initiative, which was passed in November 2012, legalized small amount of marijuana for most adults.

Because the initial ordinances were passed in June under emergency rules, a public hearing was required to be held within 60 days. The moratoriums will last for six months as the city works to deal with the issues.


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  1. A Lynnwood led moratorium on all endless-war taxes can help starve drug warriors and reorganize resisters. What a brilliant political stratagy!

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