Lynnwood police officers recognized during Annual Awards ceremony

    City Councilmembers and Police Department officials stand with annual award recipients during Monday’s meeting. (Photo by Natalie Covate)

    The Lynnwood City Council chambers were packed full on Monday night, as the city honored some of its police officers during the Annual Awards ceremony.

    Interim Police Chief Tom Davis began by letting the council and crowd know that these awards are given by their peers, rather than their superiors.

    The first award went to Alan Correa for Officer of the Year. Correa began working at the Lynnwood Police Department in 1991.

    “He’s one of those people that, when you see him in the hallway, you want to stop and chat with him for five minutes, because you know it will make your day a little brighter,” Davis said.

    The Rookie Officer of the Year award was given to George Bucholtz, who began in early 2015. Davis said his peers describe him as someone with a strong work ethic.

    This year’s Custody Officer of the Year is Ron Hodgins, who is described as a team player. Clerk of the year is Anna Ananko, who was hired in 2015.

    “Although she is relatively new, she has been praised for her helpful and cheerful service to our community,” Davis said.

    Staff Person of the Year was awarded to Donna Teachworth, for being kind, professional and trustworthy. Sgt. Chris Breault was awarded the Supervisor of the Year award, for his ability to stay calm under pressure.

    Davis did have input on one award, the Chief’s Award, which was given to Sgt. Jerry Reiner, for stepping up to manage records when the department needed him.

    A Medal of Merit was also awarded to Justin Gann, for his quick thinking on Oct. 12, 2016. He saw a 19-year-old man overdosing on heroin near a pharmacy on Highway 99. Gann had just completed training in Naloxone, a drug that can quickly counteract overdoses. He retrieved a dose from the pharmacist on duty and administered the drug to the man, saving his life.

    Lynnwood Police Sgt. David Byrd was also given a commendation, for his work in setting up the Naloxone training for the department. Davis said the department has already saved three lives using Naloxone since the program’s creation in 2016.


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