Meadowdale HS office assistant receives Life Saver Award for life-saving efforts

From right to left, Meadowdale High School
Principal Kevin Allen and Nurse Nancy Varg present the Life Saver award to Patricia Martin while Superintendent Kris McDuffy watches.

The Edmonds School Board recognized Meadowdale High School office staff member Patricia Martin during its meeting Tuesday night.

Martin played a key role in saving the lives of two Meadowdale High School students this spring, both experiencing severe allergic reactions. Principal Kevin Allen and Nurse Nancy Varg presented the award to Martin.

The first incident on Feb. 13 began when a student ate a protein bar that contained nuts, unknown to the student. His teacher escorted him to the office where the situation was explained to office staff.

“He was experiencing swelling of his tongue that was getting worse,” Varg said.

Martin was able to administer the students Epi pen and call 911 before calling the student’s parents. Medics transported the student to Swedish Edmonds, where he was treated and released.

“If I was that kid’s mom, I would be kissing your feet,” Varg said.

Then, on March 24, a different student came into the office with throat swelling and inability to swallow. Again, Martin was able to administer his Epi pen, call 911 and call his parents. This student was also transported to Swedish Edmonds where he received further treatment and was released several hours later.

“Our families and our students can rest assured they are in good hands, as long as we have people like Pat working in our offices helping our kids,” Varg said.

Varg appreciates the regular help she receives from Martin, who Varg said always has one eye on the health room, ready to help if needed.

Allen described Martin as someone who is “even-keeled and just constantly a calming person,” especially when things get chaotic in the office.

Superintendent Kris McDuffy also gave her thanks to Martin for her life-saving efforts at Meadowdale earlier this year.

–Story and photo by Natalie Covate


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