Scene in Lynnwood: Minor injuries sustained in rollover crash

Only minor injuries were sustained Sunday morning after a rollover collision at 196th Street Southwest and Alderwood Mall Parkway. (Photo courtesy LPD)


  1. Can anyone tell me the reason why cars are flipping over so much in this day?
    I have seen many accidents in my years, but never were the cars flipping over.
    Yes, this is a serious question.

  2. According to a 2014 article from Consumer Reports, roll-overs happen in about 3% of all crashes. However, the same article also says that SUV’s, pick-ups, and vans are more susceptible than traditional cars to roll-over.

    My guess would be that we have a larger percentage of SUV’s, pick-ups, and vans in the Lynnwood area, which contributes to higher roll-over rates. To prove the point, the vehicle in the picture is a SUV.

    • Thomas Brown, so are you saying that “maybe” the 2014 Article was saying that Suv’s, Pick-ups, and Vans are then not the safest to be driving?
      I grew up in the Country, everyone drove a pick-up, still never seen roll-overs like we have in this day.
      Happy that I drive an old heavy clunker! lol
      Thank you for your response.

  3. Good point, I was thinking it was because cars are designed to absorb more of the impact to keep the force away from the passengers. Maybe it’s a combination of car are becoming more top heavy and the different distribution of force design that causes more roll overs.

    • With SUV’s pick-ups, and vans, they tend to have a higher center of gravity. In other words, where the weight is on the vehicle is further from the ground. This is especially true of SUV’s and pick-ups that have larger tires or higher suspensions.

      The side-impact absorption design should not make a vehicle roll easier. Any protection system the auto manufacture has is (usually) within the doors of the vehicle, which sits around the same level as the engine.

  4. I will also add a suggestion that vehicles involved in these types of accidents have one or both travelling over the speed limit to make a yellow light or are acting as aggressive drivers in general. Mix that in with what has been previously mentioned by other commenters. I find that the Puget Sound has an odd mix of polite drivers and aggressive drivers.

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