Scene in Lynnwood: Old Country Buffet closes


The Old Country Buffet restaurant at 4601 200th St. S.W. in Lynnwood is now closed.

No reason was given for the closure. However, other businesses in the area have also closed recently due to light rail station construction that is expected to begin soon.

The closest remaining Old Country Buffet restaurant is located in Federal Way.

-Photos by David Carlos


  1. Yes, light rail WILL BE impacting that area in the future, but not ALL of the businesses in that shopping center are closing. My husband and I chose to relocate our store, Hopskotch Kids Consignment to the James Village Shopping Center (Hobby Lobby, Trader Joe’s) last fall. The property owners of Lynnwood Square offered us only a two year lease last spring. Combine that with the future expansion of 196th St between the convention center and Fred Meyer–we made the decision to move a mile down the road.

    • I agree with Stephanie (my wife & I love your store, BTW); the light rail is not the reason why all the businesses are closing in that shopping center.

      Lynnwood Square has been seeing a lot of reduction in business over the past decade. Old Country Buffet was one of the few that have stayed in business through it all.

  2. Actually, the nearest OCB is in Factoria. A much shorter drive than the other one in Seatac (from their website).

  3. Our restaurant in Puyallup closed overnight too. Very sad since it was one of few places we could afford with all the kids and grandkids. And even those on strict eating plans could find lovely fare to eat

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