South County Politics: Councilmember Boyer won’t seek re-election


Lynnwood City Councilmember M. Christopher Boyer says he won’t run for re-election.

Two candidates have indicated that they plan to run for the position in the November election.

One is Ben Corey, a Democratic precinct committee officer from Lynnwood Precinct 11. He is an elementary-school teacher in the Lake Washington School District.

The other is Christine Frizzell, who lost a 2015 council race to incumbent Benjamin Goodwin 49.95 percent to 49.95 percent after a recount.

Çorey has registered with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission, a step that allows a candidate to register and spend money for the Aug. 1 primary and Nov. 7 general election.

Candidates file for ballot position next week, May 15-19.

City council positions and any non-partisan positions with three or more candidates appear on both the primary ballot and the general election ballot. Positions with only one or two candidates appear only on the November ballot.

Boyer said Monday that he had decided not to run because of increased responsibility as pastor of a Lynnwood church.

The position is one of three Lynwood Council positions on this year’s ballot.

The others are those held by Councilmembers Ian Cottton and Ruth Ross. Both Cotton and Ross have registered with the PDC as candidates.

Cotton has no announced opponents. Ross faces a challenge from political newcomer Rosamaria Graziani, president of an organization that promotes education for first- and second-generation immigrants.

Former Councilmember Van Aubuchon says he plans to run but hasn’t decided which position he will seek.

Councilmember George Hurst, who is in the middle of his first four-year term, has announced that he will challenge Mayor Nicola Smith.

Smith is the only Lynnwood candidate who has raised money for this year’s election. She reports raising $5,102 and spending $811.

Candidate seeks to replace retiring school director

A candidate says she will seek the position on the Edmonds School Board that School Board President Susan Phillips now holds, representing Director District 4, a district that straddles Highway 99 in the central part of the Edmonds School District.

The candidate is Cathy Baylor, a music teacher who operates her own piano studio.
Baylor has registered with the PDC.

Candidates must live in the director district, but residents of the entire Edmonds School District vote elect board members representing all five director districts. The Edmonds School District includes Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Woodway, part of Brier and unincorporated areas near those municipalities.

Phillips served on the school board from 2011 to 2014. She was elected again in 2015.

Lynnwood considering candidates for new commission on diversity, equity, inclusion

The Lynnwood City Council soon will interview seven nominees for the city’s new commission on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The council will interview four of the finalists May 15 and the other three May 30.

The council plans to vote on approving the candidates at its June 12 meeting so that the new commission can start its work in late June or early July.

City administrative staff members chose the seven finalists from 20 citizens who applied in February.

— By Evan Smith

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  1. Does anyone else think it’s shady that the Snohomish County Democrats already made up their mind who they are going to endorse weeks ago even though filling starts next week? How can they know who to endorse if they don’t know who is running yet? Oh right, lobbyists and committed votes. My opinion is that it is a disgrace to the Democrat name, they should have waited to see who is running and put it up to a vote. But that’s not their endorsed candidate’s style, they deny to the voters decision because they already made their minds up.


  2. Do you mean why didn’t they endorse the Mayor. Hmm let me see … she never went to any Democratic meetings nor did she request an endorsement from the 32nd Dems or the Snohomish County Democrats. But because she couldn’t be bothered to even ask for their endorsement the whole world should stop and wait for her. You snooze you loose.
    Also, if she would like to ask for their endorsement I’m sure they would consider it. She would have to go to one of their meetings and answer questions from those attending the meeting as well as fill out paperwork – like all other candidates who wish for endorsements.


  3. No, I was not speaking about the Mayor. Will Snohomish County Democrat endorse multiple candidates for the same position? If so, I have no problem. However, if they only endorse one candidates per position and candidates haven’t even had the chance to file yet, it’s a shady move to endorse someone without giving the other candidates a chance. I would hope they would endorse the best candidates, not just first come, first serve.


  4. Elizabeth you must be smoking dope. It’s obvious from your statements that you are not involved with the Democratic Party nor are you involved locally. You are so out of touch. Who is paying you to say these things? Are you a fake Dem like our Mayor?


  5. Lynnwood has been without a Diversity Commission since March 2016. That is right. Over a year!!! Clearly Mayor Smith, and Council Member Boyer (yes he was in on getting rid of the council) could care less about non whites in Lynnwood. Pathetic. Both should go.


  6. MaryLou, it is sweet that you think I get paid for being an engaged citizen, I just want what’s best for our city as I am sure you do too. I know the four endorsed candidates are working together to build campaigns against their opponents together with the stance of racism being the heavy punch. You have every right to your opinion. My opinion is that dissolving the diversity commission was the right thing to do and taking time to building it up for success is the right thing to do. Let’s remember why it was dissolved in the first place, because a member was hostile and bulling other members. When confronted and eventually asked to resign by her fellow commissioners, she refused and held filibusters of City Council meetings to defend her name. Those speaking were not a diverse group, it was mainly one group of people. This member who was asked to resign by her fellow commissioners made it hard for other representations of other minorities to be heard. Because the council and mayor knew everyone voices should be heard, not just one strong voice who wanted to represent one minority, they made the difficult choice to dissolve and rebuild the commission even though they knew it could make them appear not to value diversity. To me, this is strength in leadership. Now this bully who refused to resign, is running for office. I am opposed to it so you are ready to label me as a drug user to try to take away my credibility. It’s disheartening that new comers who want to come and serve don’t even get a chance to be endorsed and are caught in the middle of this political nonsense. I encourage people to go out and run for office but warn them yes it is going to be difficult when we have shady politicians with such vile supporters. But what’s vile to me might be sunshine for someone else. Have a wonderful night.


  7. Elizabeth you are smoking dope when you have no idea what you are shooting your mouth off about. Your remarks demonstrate you have no clue about the democratic process. Candidates come to us seeking endorsement long before filing week. Our endorsed candidates are active dues paying members in our local community.
    If you wanted what is best for our City you would stop being the Mayors mouthpiece and base your responses on actual facts instead of hearsay.
    As for the Diversity Commission, the Mayor did not do her job. A fake Dem.
    The Diversity Commission was suppose to have 7 Commissioners. There were only 3. Fact:
    One of the 3 didn’t live in Lynnwood. The Mayor’s job is to find Lynnwood citizens to fill the 4 vacancies to present to the Council for consideration in a timely manner.
    By leaving the 4 vacancies unfilled the Mayor didn’t do her job.
    As for whatever rumors you want to spread about the Commission not getting along. That is why meetings are run using “ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER.”
    Of course we all know thar the Mayor thinks her only job is to go around cutting ribbons. Why else would she have hired 4 more for her executive Dept. Then give our 8 Dept heads including herself a $ 20,000.00 a year raise.


  8. It’s fine that candidates seek endorsement early but I believe it is unethical to endorse a candidate before they are aware of all the candidates. I think it gives an unfair advantage to candidates backed by lobbyist and big money. It is reasonable request that endorsements happen after the short periods were candidates file to run, May 15th – May 19th. Anyone, such as a reader of these comments should have the option to run for office without the intimidation of running against candidates who have already been endorsed.

    Volunteering in a collaboration project with the diversity commission, I witnessed first hand the disregard of Robert’s Rule of Order, hostility and dysfunction lead by this endorsed candidate when she was chair. She used her power as chair to intimidate and overpower commissioners and regularly made motions to vote when those who opposed her views were absent.
    Also, thank you for the opportunity for me to explain my version of alternative facts. I consider alternative facts when people cherry pick facts that support there stance. Here are some other facts you failed to mention.
    -Some of the positions became vacant because commissioners resigned due to the hostility and lack of direction of the commission.
    -The Council and mayor decided to resolve the issue of the hostile environment before reinstating or assigning new candidates.
    – The 4 applicants who applied for the diversity commission were recruited by the bully and 3 out 4 did not live in the City of Lynnwood.

    My opinion is that she recruited to take control of the commission just let Ted Hikel recruited her in the 32nd Dems to lobby for candidates who will vote with commitment to support his agenda. I absolutely am a concern citizen that this bully will bring the same dysfunctional chaos and unethical manner of conducting business to City Council if she gets elected. I am also concern that the endorsement with the title Snohomish County Democrats made their decision of who to endorse before giving every candidate a fair and equally shot. A method of you snooze you loose seems childish, but again this is politics.


  9. WHAT? Ted Hikel is the endorsement committee chair for Snohomish County Dems!?!?!?!?
    From the website.
    To be considered for an endorsement, Please fill out the Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire and return it by email to the endorsement committee chairs: David Simpson ( and Ted Hikel (


  10. Diana McGinness – Ms. Lunsford, you should involve yourself in the process in the Democratic Party. Few people are endorsed prior to the May filings — those that are are typically candidates where we know there will be no one else filing – and, if by chance, someone comes out that we were unaware of, we consider multiple endorsements. Getting people to run for office isn’t easy – we plan to give all those who try as much support as we can, as long as they go through the endorsement committee by completing our questionnaires, and receive a recommendation from the committee…and even then, the final decision, with or without the recommendation of the committee, is left up to the body.

    It would be helpful if you sought knowledge about a subject before trying to trash the process. All of this is laid out in the standing rules if you’d bothered to do a bit of research. Those rules are posted on LD websites all across the state.




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