A fun Father’s Day for every dad at Gallaghers’

Gallaghers’ will be having a fun Father’s Day for every dad (any kind of dad!) that comes in to brew.

Enjoy one pint on the house of our delicious, fresh beer to drink while brewing a batch of your favorite beer.

Not only that, but if you order a pizza from Portofino Restaurant they’ll deliver it for free! https://www.portofinopizza.com/

Call to schedule an appointment for a kettle 425-776-4209. No experience necessary!   60 recipes to choose from! Ales, IPA’s, Hefeweizens, and Belgians.

Gift certificates are available on our website. www.whereubrew.com

— Sponsored by Gallaghers’, located at 180 W. Dayton St., Ste. 105, in Edmonds.  

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