Dump truck overturns on Highway 99

Traffic was tied up for much of the afternoon after a dump truck carrying a load of asphalt crashed and overturned on Highway 99 at 168th Street SW.

All northbound lanes were closed from about 4 – 5:30 p.m. while crews from the Lynnwood Police and Fire Departments cleaned up the mess. A pick-up truck and a car were also involved in the accident.

Four people were taken to the hospital but information about their injuries haven’t been released. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

Our photos are below. KIRO-TV has some good aerial shots.

  1. As a witness to the event I feel pretty confident noting that the dump truck driver knew the crash was going to happen and did everything they could to prevent major damage. Once they realized the truck would not stop they lay on the trucks horn for a good mile, yet drivers were mostly unaware. Coming up the hill Northbound I saw as the driver was unable to slow, I assume the breaks malfunctioned, and tried to maneuver down the steep hill away from the bulk of cars stopped at the light ahead. He had to swerve into the intersection to avoid a small sedan that was unaware or unable to move as the loudly honking truck approached. I hope the driver and all involved are safe tonight. It was a lesson, for me, in alert driving. Had drivers on the road paid more attention to the honking, rumbling truck flying down the hill less damage would have occurred.

  2. This is the best response I have seen anywhere. I was in the Starbucks parking lot wondering why someone was honking like crazy. When I saw the truck come to the intersection it was obvious his brakes went out. It was an unfortunate thing to witness, but he did everything he could. And all the people that fled to the area to make sure people were okay was amazing. So great job with your additional information.

  3. I was in a Black Honda Civic at the front of the “straight lane” going through the intersection (I was next to the Grey Honda Accord). I would have been going through the intersection (my light was green) but the Silver Dodge Ram ran a red light to turn North Bound on 99'. This is the only reason I was not in the intersection at the time the dump truck hit the truck. I feel so lucky the dodge ran the light (not because he got hurt and I didnt, but because his truck was able to take that kind of impact and not completely destroy my vehicle and kill me). It was a very traumatic experience but seeing how everyone was there to help the other drivers was amazing. Amada's post is right on, the dump truck driver had no way of stopping this accident from happening. For how many cars the dump truck driver avoided he did a great job manuevering his vehicle in the situation he was in. The guy in the Silver Dodge, I am not “mad” at him for running the red light, but because i heard he was not in too bad of shape I hope he learned his lesson yesterday and wont run red lights anymore.

  4. Thanks everyone for your accounts of what happened. I'll be posting them on the front page because they really help tell the story. I'm grateful the injuries weren't more serious.

    Mike Murphy
    Lynnwood Today

  5. Mike, I was one of the closest eye witnesses to the event if you need any questions answered for your article. I can also share my phone # with you in a private message if you wish to discuss this on the phone.

  6. Your glad the guy in the doge ram got hit because he could take the impact more then your car and it didn't destroy your car or kill you, Did you really just write that? YOUR AN IDIOT ! Who the hell would wish ill will upon another driver, for the protection of there little car? what a jerkoff.
    Do you have proof his light was red not green or yellow?How do you know the driver of the doge wasn't already in the intersection as some say and was completing his turn….You really are an idiot.
    I'm so glad for you that your little car wasn't destroyed and you are well and weren't injured, the fact is this man was injured.Red light or not he didn't cause the accident. The dump truck should have had working brakes to begin with to prevent the accident from happening.
    Next time have facts and don't wish ill upon people, it may just bite you in your ass.

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