And winners of the Fair on 44th rain barrel raffle are…

The City of Lynnwood announced Wednesday the winners of the Fair on 44th’s rain barrel raffle.

Rain barrels catch water runoff from roofs and store it so it can be used later. “Harvested” rainwater can be used to water gardens during hot summer months. Rain barrels also reduce stormwater runoff that can carry pollutants from roads to the city’s surface water. According to the city’s Stormwater Technician Cameron Coronado, polluted stormwater has been linked to a decline in the salmon population, which affects orcas.

Winners include: Nancy Kowalski, Julie Walker, Angela Wojcicla, Tara Bumgarner, Laura Roy, Mike Osborn, Heather Severson and Jamie Spivey.

The city’s rain barrel raffle was a partnership between the city’s Public Works Department and the Snohomish Conservation District, which supplied the barrels that were decorated by artist Laurie Miller, Edmonds Community College students and the Girl Scouts of Western Washington. The city has been working with the conservation district to reduce stormwater pollution, like the city’s recently completed rain garden project.

To learn more about the Snohomish Conservation District’s rain barrel program, visit the district webpage.