Ask the Lynnwood Cop: Why I work in Lynnwood


The Lynnwood Police Department shared this video with Lynnwood Today about what they love about working in Lynnwood. We asked Dep. Chief Jim Nelson a few questions about the video:

Lynnwood Today: Why did your department produce this video?
Dep. Chief Jim Nelson: When Chief Davis joined the Lynnwood Police Department last year he wanted to get to know the staff.  As part of his many discussions with the employees here he asked them the question, “Why do you work at Lynnwood PD?”  As the staff was sharing their experiences and their dedication to the department, he wanted to share those stories and started seeking out an opportunity to create this video.
LT: Everyone seems so passionate about the work you do in Lynnwood. What are some of the ways you foster that passion?
JN: The passion for serving the community starts with the recruiting and hiring process.  The department seeks out engaged and motivated people to join our department and this shows in the daily effort that is displayed by these employees.  We reinforce the customer service mindset through our Core Values of Professionalism, Vigilance and Community on a daily basis.  Our staff is empowered to do their best each day and to constantly seek opportunities to improve the work we do which in turn brings out the best in them and those around them.
LT: You talk a lot about building relationships with the community in this video. What are some of the specific outreach programs you have?
JN: Community outreach and engagement is interwoven into all of our programs.  We just completed our 24th Citizen’s Academy dating back 22 years since inception.  We are active on social media and in the community through organized events such as Coffee with a Cop, Cops and Kids, the newly formed Cops and Clergy and are active participant in City events such as the Fair on 44th.  This year, we will be conducting our first Kid’s Police Camp, modeled after the successful efforts of the Lynnwood Fire Department’s Kid’s Fire Camp. Engagement efforts are ongoing though out Lynnwood City government and we take pride in furthering that effort.  Our outreach efforts are not designed to just be events, but rather an ongoing emphasis that each contact with the public provides an opportunity to demonstrate our Core Values.
LT: In a sentence, what does “community” mean?
JN: Our core value of Community is defined as, cultivating positing interactions by fostering trust; and partnering with citizens to create a high quality of life.  To me the word community is an inclusive term to cover all of our community members; those who live here, work here and visit.  Our City is increasingly diverse and we seek to be a part of our great community rather than just being a department that provides a service.


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