Shoppers camp out for Black Friday deals

The scene at Lynnwood's Best Buy about 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving

By midday on Thanksgiving, shoppers had already started to camp outside the Best Buy store in Lynnwood.

It’s a scene that’s repeated every year. People stake out their spots in line outside popular stores, hoping to snag a Black Friday deal.

Best Buy, which opens at 5 a.m., is offering a 32″ LCD TV and a Nintendo Wii package for $399, and a Toshiba laptop for $189 (among others.) At 8 p.m., the line wrapped around the store. Best Buy will hand out tickets a couple of hours before opening to hopefully avoid a stampede for the hottest items.

Alderwood Mall is opening at 5 a.m. on Black Friday. Shoppers who spend $100 between 6 a.m. and noon will receive a $15 Shop Etc. gift card. Just show your receipts at the Merrier Shopping Redemption Zone in the Center Court.

Kohl’s is opening at 3 a.m. and Target opens at 4 a.m.

Photo by Bill Gillam.

  1. My favorite Lynnwood Police Officer is at the Mall from midnight to 10 am. Say hello to TJ and thank him for keeping you safe!

  2. I have always been fascinated by peoples desperation to thank the police for doing their job… the job that they signed up for and are getting paid to do. I mean why aren’t we rushing around to thank the folks that change the streetlights when they burn out? Don’t they keep us safe as well… by doing the job they got hired for?

    How about the mayor? Isn’t he doing his… hmm, poor choice, never mind on that one, well then how about our illustrious city counsel members, aren’t they keeping us safe by keeping the police on the streets? Actually, with the impending layoffs just around the corner that would seem like a poor choice as well.

    Well then, it would seem that in the grand scheme of City of Lynnwood municipal employment perhaps actually doing the job your getting paid to do is deserving of extra “thanks”. So next time you see a police officer rush up from behind and give ’em a big ole bear hug. No, you better not do that, how about just a wave from afar and a big holler, “Thanks for doing your job!”

      1. Wow, you girls are helping me make my point, I guess someone pushed the right buttons.

        First off I would like to apologize I didn’t realize I was dealing with such an unsophisticated crowd. Apparently we really do have to start with the basics,

        (n) a person who preforms a service willingly and without pay.
        (adj) of, pertaining to, or being a volunteer.
        (v) to give, bestow, or preform voluntarily.

        So I guess my question would have to be, are you really that uninformed or are you intentionally misrepresenting the facts?

        Off duty police work is highly lucrative employment, it is not a volunteer position. No police were volunteering to hang around the mall all night.

        I too, Becky prefer to see the positive, however it is important that we be realistic and tell the truth otherwise we run the risk of seeming ignorant and causing others to have a warped view of the way things really work. Feel free to comment anytime, I am happy to help educate you.

    1. my nephew volunteers on his off time to help make this City safer at functions like this. Asking people to say hello or thanks is not much to ask for. I prefer to see the more positive than negative in people and I’m sorry you’re not able to do the same but so glad you have found an outlet for your anger.

  3. Thanking the mayor and/or the city council? WTF were they doing about the snow? Not a single street was treated with salt or even cleared this week…talk about a total waste of tax dollars.

    1. I thought the cities snow response was great. Naturally there will always be a trouble spot or a hill that will be hazardous regardless of what is done but in general an excellent job by the city.

      The real tragedy is that the folks driving snow plows and sanding vehicles were doing just as much if not more than the police over the last week to keep us safe but I don’t see Becky and BSJ heaping their praise on them, humm. Just another example of the invisible heros I guess.

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