Blackout Tuesday Protest scheduled for July 7 at Lynnwood City Hall

Community members are invited to attend a Blackout Tuesday Protest aimed at exploring ways “to continue the fight against racial injustice,” starting at 5 p.m. July in front of Lynnwood City Hall.

The event will be hosted by The African Village, a Seattle-based cultural gift shop, and will include a march around the city hall block from 44th Avenue West to 194th Street Southwest, up 46th Avenue West to 188th Street Southwest, and looping back around to city hall.

The event will also feature speakers on the Black Lives Matter movement, education reform, and how the community can implement changes for people of color. Attendees are asked to wear a mask and bring signs.

According to city spokesperson Julie Moore, the rally is city sanctioned and Mayor Nicola Smith will also be in attendance and speaking.

A pre-rally will begin at 4 p.m. in the city hall parking lot. Lynnwood City Hall is located at 19100 44th Ave. W.

For more information about the Blackout Tuesday Protest, visit the event’s Facebook page.

  1. You don’t fight racism with racism. Why are you supporting a racist event. This event tells people to boycott white owned buisness wouldn’t it be considered racist if there was a whiteout tuesday to boycott black buisness. Look it up this is exactly what blackout tuesday is. To me it sounds like you’re promoting racism.

    1. Blackout Tuesday was created for the black community to not spend money in any retail other than that owned by other blacks. It is to promote the black community to put into a space of their own so they are not continuously putting into something where their lives don’t matter. It’s a form of peaceful protesting.

      This event has a different context. It clearly states that this is for the fight for racial justice within a city and for those silenced voices to be heard. I’m sorry if you misunderstood the message and the meaning behind it, maybe you should attend to find out more instead of forming a conclusion.

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