Brighten your window with a rainbow, Lynnwood

The City of Lynnwood is asking residents to “bring some color and positivity” into the Lynnwood during this time of uncertainty by showing off rainbows in their homes. “We invite you to join the thousands around the world to create rainbows for your window(s) as a message of hope and encouragement to the Lynnwood community,” the city said on its Facebook page. “Let’s fill Lynnwood with color!” Have you placed a rainbow in your window? Take a photo and email it to — and we will share it with readers. Also include your Lynnwood neighborhood, if you’d like.
  1. This is a wonderful idea,
    I live in Everett, but my family is going to do this too,
    We need a lot of hope in this difficult time.
    Thank you for sharing this
    Stay safe and healthy Lynnwood

    1. Larry Jasper
      Not every faith is Christian & moreover biblically the rainbow signifies the covenant of God with man that he’ll never flood the planet again thus symbolically showing the hope at the end of a turbulent storm. Fitting for this moment.

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