City Council scheduled to address fireworks ban at Monday’s meeting


great dealThe Lynnwood City Council is set to address the issue of a potential ban of fireworks in the City at Monday night’s work session and special business meeting in the Council Chambers.

During the 7 p.m. work session, the Council is scheduled to consider a new proposal by Councilmember Ian Cotton that would limit fireworks sales to four days and allow discharge of those fireworks only on July 4.

In the proposed ordinance, no fireworks shall be sold within the City except from noon, July 1 to 10 p.m., July 4. The discharging of consumer fireworks would be allowed only from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. on July 4 and only after the purchase of a residential consumer fireworks permit. Anyone found guilty of violating the ordinance would not be issued a permit for a five-year period.

The proposed fees are $15 for a residential permit and $100 for a retail sales outlet permit.

Another proposal, a ban on fireworks sales and discharge in the city, also has been under consideration by the Council.

The Council likely will vote on one or both proposals at the business meeting, which will be immediately following the work session.

A public hearing on fireworks in the City was held on May 27 and the issue was discussed at a previous City Council work session.


  1. Simply adjusting the current rules is a step in the wrong direction. The city of Lynnwood needs to step up and follow the example of the cities surrounding us by banning fireworks. The residents of Lynnwood deserve to enjoy a safe and peaceful 4th of July. Perhaps, rather than allowing more and more unruly residents to run amok with pyrotechnics, the city could provide a safe, public celebration that would give us an opportunity to display Lynnwood in a light other than just an “ugly drive-through”.




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