City Council July 27 set to hold public hearing for floodplain regulations, discuss outdated custodial care standards

The Lynnwood City Council at its July 27 business meeting will hold a public hearing for a proposed ordinance updating Lynnwood’s interim floodplain development regulations.

To continue to participate in FEMA National Flood Insurance Program, the city must update its Flood Hazard Area Regulations for consistency with current federal requirements.

The council will also discuss the city’s outdated custodial care standards. Since this municipal code was created, statutory authority related to the operation of a jail is now incorporated in state law. After reviewing the code in its entirety, and consulting with the city attorney, staff determined the appropriate course of action would be to repeal the entire chapter via ordinance.

Also during the meeting, the council will vote to authorize Mayor Nicola Smith to sign a resolution authorizing a grant application to the Recreation and Conservation Office for the Scriber Lake Park Trail Rehabilitation project.

The city is seeking a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Trails grant in the amount of $1,670,250 to convert approximately 1,100 linear feet of soft-surface trail into an elevated boardwalk on the north side of Scriber Lake within Scriber Lake Park.

This application will be reviewed, scored, and ranked in September. The ranked list will go to the Washington State Legislature for funding in the 2021 regular session. If funded, the city matching funds will need to be certified prior to agreement authorization in May 2021.

Councilmembers will be meeting remotely via Zoom and will stream the meeting at 6 p.m. live online. Fore more information about the council’s video streaming service, visit the council’s webpage.

To view the full meeting agenda, click here.

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