City of Lynnwood continues commitment to racial equity through GARE membership

The City of Lynnwood on Thursday announced its new membership in the Government Alliance on Race and Equity —  a national network of local government working to advance racial equity and increase opportunities for all.

Lynnwood is the first city in Snohomish County to become a GARE member.

Lynnwood has joined the Northwest Cohort with a team of 12 city employees who will attend a series of monthly sessions over the course of nine months. The curriculum will focus on building skills and strategies for the implementation of equitable government practices. GARE provides approaches for building the capacity of government to eliminate institutional and structural racism and advance racial equity.

“We have a duty to serve all members of our community, and our participation in GARE will help us achieve our commitment of being equitable in city practices and governance,” said Mayor Nicola Smith. “Our GARE team will bring back tools and strategies to share with city employees and further our commitment to being a safe, welcoming and equitable city for all.”

Added Human Resources Director Evan China: “As Lynnwood continues to grow and become more diverse, the need for racial and social equity in service, policies, programs, and outreach will continue to be essential. By joining GARE, we will have access to training, information, and best practices to build equity in the work of our city staff which will help make Lynnwood a city where all people can thrive.”

For more information on the Government Alliance on Race and Equity, visit

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