City of Lynnwood public works crews prepare for winter weather

Lynnwood’s fleet of sander/deicer trucks and snow plows were very busy
during the February 2019 winter storm. (Photo courtesy of the City of Lynnwood)

In preparation for the snow that blanketed South Snohomish County Monday, the City of Lynnwood’s Public Works crews were out all night laying deicer and sand, plowing as needed.

Community members are advised that the city has an updated map of high priority snow plow routes. The outline below is a listing of the city road maintenance priorities during a snow event.

  • The city’s highest priority is plowing and sanding major arterials so that emergency first responders (Police, Fire and Public Works) are able to get in and around the city to provide essential services and keep the city operational.  On the Snow Plow Routes map  you will see two levels of the city’s highest priorities:
  • First priorities are the red marked streets.
  • Second priorities are the green marked streets.
  • The city’s next priorities are some of the steepest streets throughout the city.
  • The city’s next priorities are the minor arterials and connection streets.
  • The city’s final priorities are all the other neighborhood streets.  These are usually sanded and plowed at night for safety reasons, when traffic is low.

For more information, visit the city’s Snow Plow Route Priorities page here.

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