March 12 is comment deadline for City of Lynnwood draft Housing Action Plan

Image courtesy City of Lynnwood

The City of Lynnwood has issued its draft Housing Action Plan for review and public comment

The Housing Action Plan will form Lynnwood’s five-year goals and strategies to promote housing options that are safe and affordable for all community members.

The plan was created by evaluating the city’s ongoing efforts, analyzing Lynnwood’s current and future housing needs, and collaborating with the community.According to the city, it is the result of hundreds of conversations, survey responses and other methods of community feedback.

The plan has four goals:

  1. Produce housing that meets the needs of the community.
  2. Preserve existing housing that is affordable and safe so that people can stay in Lynnwood.
  3. Partner with housing educators, providers, and other groups to find equitable housing solutions and remove systemic barriers.
  4. Prepare for continued growth and increase thfe quality of life in Lynnwood.

Public comments can be submitted through March 12 in the following ways:

For more information or to receive project updates visit the project website or contact Kristen Holdsworth at 425-670-5409 or


  1. Please keep rents low enough for commercial businesses so that we don’t lose the character of Lynnwood. In other words I’d like to be able to go through Lynnwood in eight years and not see all box stores or businesses that are in all 50 states. Thank you

  2. No high rises, keep rents low and traffic clear. Major road improvements need to be made before any more people.

    1. Monday: 03/01/2021

      Hi Born

      “NO MORE HIGH RISES” Get Real Born! High Rises Put A Large # of Residences on a Small Foot Print. Increasing the # of Apartments will Assist in Stabilizing Rents and Possibly Lowing Rents.

      The City of Lynnwood is Working on Future Traffic Problems. The 196th Widening and Improvements are a Good Example. The Light Rail will also assist . Several Hundred Light Rail Users will live with in EZ Walking Distance of the Light Rail Station.

      OK Born! I Just Provided Two Positive Comments! Can you Add a 3rd? I Double Dog Dare Ya.

      Mike / The Traffic Guy at the Food Bank

  3. The rent situation is a huge problem for a lot of people. The amounts keep going up while people aren’t getting raises at work to make up for the increased difference. I think this pandemic should open everyone’s eyes to see and do things a little differently to help the quality of life for everyone. A friend of mine ( single mom) recently applied at the urban center apartments on 196th St. She was denied and turned down for low income housing. She can’t afford to live in regular priced apartments so she stuck. This is where the city of Lynnwood has to do better. Take care of the people that want to live here. She was so excited to live there just to find out after weeks passed that she wasn’t good enough to live there. The office person wasn’t very nice not available most of the time. She doesn’t make ton of money so why was she denied. I love Lynnwood but these are the things id like to see change. Help and protect the people who want to live in and support the city of Lynnwood.

    1. Monday: 03/01/2021

      Hi Kobie

      Sorry to learn your Friend wasn’t treated well by “Urban Center Apartments”. It may be “Returning a Call Promptly is a Lost Art” .

      In -2- or 3 Years the # of Apartments Will Increase ALOT! – Competition will Motivate Urban Center to Improve it’s Communication Skills.

      Your Friend is Very Probably a Valuable Person in Lynnwood’s Labor Force. We want to Keep her in the Area. Our Economy can’t Pull off a “COVID19” Rebound without Workers like your Friend!

      OK How can we Assist your Friend – Check with Verdent on 196th or Online – They may have Rental Assistance $$’s Available for your Friend. Your Friend Probably is a Good Short term Fit to use the Lynnwood Food Bank.
      The Food Bank had Distributions Wednesdays 11:00 AM to 5:oo PM and Fridays 10:00 Am to 1:00 PM.

      In the Mean time let’s work towards more Privately Funded Housing . YEP! High Rises may Be the Answer.
      Lots of Residences Stacked on a Small Foot Print Within Walking Distance of the Light Rail.


      Mike / The Traffic Guy at the Lynnwood Food Bank

  4. Monday: 03/01/2021

    Affordable Housing is a Problem for every city in the USA. There are No EZ Answers and COVID19 has Made
    Affordable Housing More Difficult.

    Born Buj; “No High Rises?? High Rise Buildings will be part of the Solution – Lots of Housing on a Small Foot Print – An Adequate or even an Over Supply of Apartments will Bring Stabilize Rents and may even lower rents. Before you Complain Try Offering Solutions!
    Note to Born; 3 of the 4 High Rises Planned or Currently Under Construction Provide Retail Space Suitable for Small Business’s – These Business’s can be Local if we support them. Shop Locally when you can.

    Maryland Largy – Thanks for your Comment. Good News – 3 of the 4 High Rise Apartment Buildings planned or
    under construction have street level retail space for small business’s. If we Buy Locally when we can, we can
    fill these spaces with Local Business and Give the Big Chains a “Run for their $$”.


    Mike / The Traffic Guy at the Lynnwood Food Bank

  5. We want SINGLE FAMILY HOUSING! Don’t bring in those UGLY apartment style houses… I wouldn’t want to live in them and you don’t want to live in them so why force other people to live in them. They are so ugly! Keep our city family center with single family housing.

    1. Friday: 03/12/2021

      Wow! Sherryl. I see your Comment was written at 05:38 AM. Does your Disposition improve later in the Day?? I hope your Life isn’t as Dark as your Remarks indicate? Try a Second Cup of Coffee before you Comment!

      OK Sherryl, Get Real! Apartments are where most Service Workers and Their Families Reside. Single Family Homes are not Affordable for Service Workers and Much of the Elderly Population. If you Value Good Food Service Workers, Janitorial Services, House Keepers, Clerical Workers, Lawn services and Medical Workers you cannot Begrudge them Good , Affordable and Conveniently Located Apartments. {Unless you want you are willing to do with out these Services??}

      In addition these Folks are an important Segment of our Tax Base. They Spend ALOT of $$ in Lynnwood Stores and Pay ALOT of Sales Taxes $$. That these Folks Pay A lot of Tax’s helps keep your Property & Sales Taxes relatively low.

      Before you Use the Word UGLY twice in one Paragraph. Remember you are Talking about your Neighbors. Those Folks who are at work at 5:38 in the Morning rather than Insulting their Neighbors in Print.


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