City recognizes Jim Siscel for work educating students on salmon life, clean water

Jim Siscel giving lessons on salmon and water quality.

The City of Lynnwood has recognized Jim Siscel for being a true Orca Hero.

Each year, Siscel teams up with local schools to provide salmon in the classroom. He helps with the set up and maintenance of the fish tanks as well as giving lessons on salmon and water quality. Grade-school students are able to watch salmon grow while learning about the salmon life cycle, habitat needs and importance to our ecosystems.

Siscel is empowering the next generation with the knowledge needed to help keep waters clean and salmon populations healthy.

An Orca Hero can be any individual or group who consistently takes actions to prevent stormwater pollution. From picking up after dogs to building rain gardens, they show their commitment to clean water.

You can recognize your own Orca Hero by posting your #OrcaHero’s story on Facebook and tag it with  @PugetSoundStartsHere. Also include:

  • Nominee’s name (person or organization)
  • City where the nominee works or lives. And, tag that city!
  • Name and tag of person or organization nominating the hero.
  • Reason for recognizing: Tell us what your hero does to prevent stormwater pollution and help our Southern Resident orcas?
  • With your hero’s permission, include a photo of them doing their orca heroics.

Some of the #OrcaHeroes will be featured on the Puget Sound Starts Here Facebook page.

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