City responds to Sound Transit announcement that Lynnwood Link is over budget


The City of Lynnwood released the following statement in response to last week’s announcement from Sound Transit that the Lynnwood Link Extension project is $500 million over budget and approximately six months behind schedule:

Sound Transit’s Link light rail is slated to bring fast and reliable transit to Lynnwood as part of the voter-approved ST2 package, connecting Snohomish County residents to the University of Washington and downtown Seattle in less than 30 minutes. Last Thursday, the Sound Transit Board was informed that the Lynnwood Link Extension project is $500 million over budget and approximately six months behind schedule.

Escalating real estate prices and the current state of the construction industry unfortunately have had substantial impacts on Lynnwood Link’s costs and schedule. Our Lynnwood City staff has been working diligently, for many years, to prepare our community for the arrival of Link light rail. We’ve developed robust City Center and multi-modal connectivity plans, received technical assistance from the Federal Transit Administration on ways to support equitable transit-oriented development, and we’ve placed City Center and Link light rail at the top of our strategic planning efforts to ensure that our community truly benefits from the arrival of light rail.

“We are committed to working collaboratively with Sound Transit to provide the best possible station for our City and neighboring communities,” stated Mayor Nicola Smith. “Our staff is deeply engaged in Sound Transit’s value engineering process to identify mutual goals and work together on addressing matters of both budget and schedule.”

“As the northern terminus of ST2, the Lynnwood City Center Station will play a vital role in connecting regional transportation in Snohomish County for over a decade while the development of ST3 takes place,” stated Economic Development Director David Kleitsch. “Lynnwood, in partnership with our neighboring cities and Sound Transit, will continue to advocate to our legislative representatives the importance of securing federal funding to complete the ST2 line, which will provide efficient and reliable transportation for almost 70,000 commuters in the region.”

To read the full announcement from Sound Transit, visit their Lynnwood Link Project Page.


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