City urges residents to clear storm drains

As the weather starts to warm, the snow will begin to melt and need a place to drain. The City of Lynnwood notes that it can’t forecast whether the melted snow and ice will cause flooding, but public works staff is preparing for possible flooding, the city said.

The National Weather Service is predicting mostly sunny skies Wednesday, with a high near 38 degrees, and a slight chance of snow overnight. There is also a slight chance of snow Thursday morning, with rain and snow likely later in the day.  And more precipitation — mostly rain — later in the week.

Lynnwood residents can help the city by finding drains on their street and clearing them of ice, leaves and other debris that will get in the way. If you can’t find a drain, use a broom handle to poke down in the snow to try and locate it. A shovel and rake may come in handy to help reduce flooding in neighborhoods.

If you have any problems, need any help or are concerned about drains, contact the City of Lynnwood’s Public Works at or call 425-670-5200.

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