Community Transit’s 2020 budget includes 5% service increase, workforce growth, new buses

The Community Transit Board of Directors last week approved a 2020 budget that will increase service 5% in 2020 as the transit agency expands bus service for Snohomish County residents.

Project development will continue in 2020 for Swift Orange Line, the agency’s third bus rapid transit line, which will connect with the Swift Blue and Green lines and serve the Lynnwood Link light rail station when it opens in 2024.

Other projects to be funded include:
· Service expansion: The budget funds expanded service to include schedule improvements that will enhance customer connections. The service increase equates to about 18,000 hours of new service, which will include: restructuring routes to provide better connections between Swift Green Line and surrounding neighborhoods, and possible new routes to serve high-demand areas.
· Workforce growth and base expansion: The total bus and paratransit hours of service will increase 5.4 percent, and the agency’s workforce will continue to grow to support the increase. The 2020 budget will fund the first phase of a facility master plan for a base expansion to provide adequate workspace and room for fleet expansion.
· New and replacement buses: The agency will purchase 122 new vehicles: 97 replacement and 25 expansion and vehicles.
· High capacity transit network: Project development will continue on Swift Orange Line, which is expected to be under construction in 2022 and operational in 2024. In addition to the Swift Orange Line project, the agency will conduct a study for the Swift Blue Line extension, which will extend service into King County to the planned 185th Street Sound Transit Link station.
· Customer experience: The agency will continue to focus on customer engagement as it relates to major projects through feedback and research. The budget funds investment in new and convenient methods for people to provide public comment, such as online open houses.

The Community Transit 2020 Budget is available online at

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