COVID-19 Daily Report for Lynnwood and Snohomish County: May 15, 2020

With one very notable exception, from the numbers standpoint the week ended on a positive note in the local battle with COVID-19.

The Friday, May 15 data from the Snohomish Health District show a drop from yesterday’s spike in the number of new cases added (yellow chart) in the past 24 hours, with the new figure of 17 much more in line with the recent trends of slowly decreasing numbers.  Likewise, total active cases (red chart) dropped to 611, continuing the sharp drop in people currently sick with COVID-19, and the lowest number reported in the past 30 days.

Cumulative recoveries (green chart) also jumped, adding 117 to Thursday’s count of Snohomish County residents who have kicked the COVID-19 virus. Total recoveries over the full reporting period now stand at 2,329. Hospitalizations (purple chart) are up by three for the day, continuing the fairly steady trend over the past month.

The sad news is that four additional deaths due to COVID-19 (gray chart) were reported Thursday, bringing the total Snohomish County death toll over the reporting period to 126, or 4.11 percent of the total infected.

Note that the Snohomish Health District does not posts daily updates on weekends, so our next COVID-19 daily report will run on Monday and cover changes over the 3-day Saturday-Sunday-Monday period.

The local numbers for May 15, 2020:

— By Larry Vogel

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  1. I wa pulled over by a county sheriff this week. He approached my window within 2 feet without a mask. When I remarked on this he simply sneered. Luckily I had a mask with me, but that us not nearly as safe unless the other party has one. Also, many people do not have masks with them when they travel by car.

    I complained to my county representative, who did not deign to return my call, much less do anything about this problem.

    The officer is endangering the life and health of citizens far more than any of the people he is pulling over.

  2. You’re doing the right thing, Gail! Thank you for wearing a mask. You’re not only protecting yourself but also protecting the community. Do you have that sheriff’s full name? This sheriff is not a good sheriff at all. We should report him.

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