Edmonds School District bond measure still failing in second day of results

Based on the second day of election returns, the Edmonds School District’s $600 million construction bond — with 55% yes votes — was still failing to achieve the supermajority vote required for passage, while the $96 million replacement technology/capital levy was passing with 57% of the votes cast so far.

Wednesday night’s results were based on a nearly 26% voter turnout so far.

Votes will continue to be counted as they come in through the U.S. mail and Snohomish County drop box locations. The next round of results will be released at 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 13

Edmonds SD No. 15 Prop. 1 Bond 

Approved 14895 55.26%

Rejected 12059 44.74%

Total 26954 100.00%

Edmonds SD No. 15 Prop 2 Capital Levy

Levy Yes 15391 57.15%

Levy No 11541 42.85%

Total 26932 100.00%


  1. I would like to add to all the confusion of the two school bonds. Yes the property taxes do not go up if people vote yes on the bonds. The old bond is replaced by the new one. However the old bond would expire and our property taxes go down if not replaced by a new one. I also was told by a neighbor that if you want to vote no on both bonds it is best to not vote at all, is that correct? Is there a minimum of number of people that need to vote?

    1. Does one school district really need $ 696,000,000 ? So many of us believe that is pure greed. As taxes skyrocket families struggle to survive. They need to come back with a better request. Until then…I vote no on everything.

  2. This is completely unacceptable as adults in our area to discontinue funding for education. We have to change the rules. The supermajority vote allows non voters a voice. That is wrong. The majority is in favor of the replacement bond. That’s fact. So instead we as a society are going to stop paying for these educational financial needs. The school district needs the funds for all the children in our area. The school system are not going to stop asking for these funds. Instead “WE” waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on these ballots. It’s not free for us to have a vote. It cost the Edmonds School System as much to run this ballot as it costs to run a High School. Wasted money. Think about how these children being educated makes our area strong. I’m sick that anyone who voted no, had the ability to read the ballot because of their public education.

  3. I didn’t vote no myself but listening to some of the people that did, here is a quick question… if the problem is overcrowding why is the only acceptable solution to build more compacity by taxing?

    Until it is effectively shown that encouraging charter schools to take over some of this burden into the private sector does not work it is harder to make the HAVE to spend more public dollars argument. Right now the public sector feels like they are more afraid of losing out on the federal funds attached to those students than seeing them get a quality education.

    Also need to convince a higher percentage of the public that the money is being spent on functional facilities instead of soaring architectural master pieces. When new elementaries look nicer than the high school most tax payers graduated from and new high schools look better than most community colleges in the area, AND it can’t be pointed to a clear increase in test scores in these new facilities it can be a tough argument.

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