Edmonds School District High School Students of the Month for May 2023

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Richard Reimers

Edmonds Heights K-12

Collin Pabon Laird

Parent’s name: Shannon Laird
GPA: 3.4
Clubs & Activities: Orchestra
Athletics: Rock climbing
Employment: Vertical World Climbing Gym

Marzeyah Topiwala

Parents’ names: Sajjad Topiwala and Tatheer Topiwala
GPA: 3.7
Community Service: As a volunteer at the local mosque and a member of the youth group, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Through my involvement in Zainab Organization of Greater Seattle, I have learned the importance of diversity and its positive impact on the community.
At the mosque, I have worked with individuals from various countries, including Iraq, Iran, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I have helped organize many events and activities for the community. I have seen firsthand the value of diverse people coming together to share their culture and traditions. I have also learned about the different challenges and experiences that individuals from different backgrounds face and how important it is to be understanding and supportive of one another. Through these experiences, I have also learned the importance of inclusivity and how diversity can enrich the lives of those around us.
Educational Goals: Some educational goals I have are: To focus on acquiring a solid foundation of knowledge, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, improving communication skills, cultivating research skills, fostering creativity and innovation, embracing lifelong learning, and setting realistic and achievable goals. These goals contribute to my personal and academic growth by allowing me to master relevant subjects, enhancing reasoning and analysis, effective communication, research proficiency, creative thinking, continuous learning, and milestone-based progress.
Career Goals: Some career goals I have to pursue in the field of UX (user experience) are: Setting goals to develop a strong understanding of UX principles; honing technical skills, gaining hands-on experience; fostering empathy and user advocacy; continuously learning and staying updated; collaborating and communicating effectively; and striving for user-centered impact.
These goals involve building knowledge in UX design, improving technical proficiency, gaining practical experience, prioritizing empathy and user needs, staying informed about industry trends, enhancing collaboration and communication skills, and creating impactful user experiences.
Anything else we should know? I am a Running Start student who will be graduating with my Associate of Arts (AA) degree this summer. As an ambitious and dedicated learner, I am excited to share that I have been accepted into the University of Washington and will be commencing my studies there in the fall of 2023.

Edmonds-Woodway High

Dorothy White

Parents’ names: Chris and Marnie White
GPA: 3.7
Clubs & Activities: Play Production
Athletics: I did lacrosse for seven years until the club was unfortunately disbanded due to COVID.
Community Service: Volunteering for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.
Significant School Project: I have been in eight Edmonds-Woodway High School play productions and I have directed a one-act.
Educational Goals: I am studying theater and political science at Emerson College and hope to graduate with an acting major and political science minor.
Career Goals: I am an actor and an activist. I hope to be able to work on feature films as an actor and possibly a director. I also aim to become more educated about social and political injustices so I can continue to be an advocate for change.
Anything else we should know? In my free time, I love to sing, write, watch movies, and play the piano when I can.

Vilhelmine Alise Magne

Parents’ names: Trine Magne and Vidar Magne, and my host parents’ names are Robley Corsi and Michelle Corsi
GPA: 3.83
Athletics: varsity soccer, varsity wrestling and varsity softball
Awards: All American Wrestling
Educational Goals: I want to have a higher GPA than last year and just do my very best in my classes and to see my hard work pay off.
Career Goals: I want to work with and help people but I’m not really sure what job specifically that I want to do.
Anything else we should know? I’m an exchange student from Norway.

Lynnwood High

Auren Daniels

Parent’s name: John Daniels
GPA: 3.69
Clubs & Activities: Key Club, Chamber Orchestra, Contemporary Orchestra
Community Service: LHS Rummage Sale, Solo Ensemble
Educational Goals: To attend the University of Washington, Tacoma.

Summer Chambers

Parents’ names: Charles and Julie Chambers
GPA: 3.083
Athletics: Girls swim team
Honors: AP Statistics
Awards: Four-year medal for swimming
Employment: I have worked at a restaurant for two years.
Educational Goals: To attend Edmonds College after high school.
Career Goals: Maybe pursue a trade

Meadowdale High

Elizabeth Lopez

Parent’s name: Guadalupe Vasquez
Clubs & Activities: LSU President, Board Rep Member
ASB: ASB senior senator
Athletics: Varsity Swim Captain, Girls Basketball
Significant School Project: Lead the first Student Leadership Conference with guest speaker Dolores Huerta.
Educational Goals: I’m going to the University of Washington to study political science.

Estefani Ronquillo Alvarez

Parents’ names: Maria Alvarez, Sigfredo Ronquillo
GPA: 3.971
Athletics: Cross country, track
Community Service: Tutor
Career Goals: Neurologist

Mountlake Terrace High

Rachel Davis

Parent’s names: Anne and Greg Davis
GPA: 3.89
Clubs & Activities: MTHS’ School Publication The Hawkeye, MTHS’ National Honor Society
Awards: CTE Leadership & Achievement Award
Significant School Project: I took STEM 12 English  and I competed at the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair.
Educational Goals: Accepted and will be attending Whitman College in Fall 2023

Julia Mejino

Parent’s name: Ruby Mejino
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: Asian Student Union Executive (PR-Public Relation), Key Club Executive (Treasurer), National Honors Society (4 years)
Athletics: MTHS Girl’s Soccer (4 years), MTHS Girl’s Tennis (2 years), Club Soccer
Honors: National Honor Society member
Community Service: I’ve helped out with other schools in our district at elementary school events. I’ve helped in my church, as well as food drives/banks. I volunteered to help patients in nursing homes during Covid. I’ve helped with many other annual events as well.
Employment: Nanny for 2 years
Educational Goals: Continue my education at University of Washington, Seattle. Graduate with a Bachelor’s from there.
Career Goals: Become an Architect, venture into Structural Engineering, as well as hopefully have my own business.

Project Search

Michelle Mendoza Cortes

Parents’ names: Marisa & Alex
Athletics: I was a cheerleader in high school and I really enjoyed it.
Community Service: I help my mom and dad clean the Child Development Center in Lynnwood.
Educational Goals: I would like to take classes to be a make-up artist someday.
Career Goals: My dream job is to become a make-up artist.
Anything else we should know? I like to hang out with my friends. I just got to go to Las Vegas to see Taylor Swift in concert. It was really fun and so cool.

Scriber Lake High

Tyler Gibbs

VOICE Transition Program

Evelina Guisleman

Parents’ names: Karen Guisleman and Joe Guisleman
Employment: Internship at Walgreens
Educational Goals: To graduate from the Voice Transition Program
Career Goals: I would like to be a makeup artist.
Anything else we should know? I’m a hard worker. I like working with people.

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