Edmonds School District parents: Share your thoughts on proposed secondary schedule changes


Updated with a working survey link.

To accommodate the state’s new 24 credit requirement for high school graduation, the Edmonds School District’s 24 Credit Task Force is working on potential schedule models for secondary schools.

The district presented options during a parent meeting in early December, and families who were unable to attend are encouraged to review that presentation, which explains the background on why the changes are being considered. A change in the way secondary level classes are scheduled would change the secondary school experience for all current elementary students, middle school student and many high school students, the district notes.

Parents can also provide their opinions at this feedback survey.

In 2015, Washington increased the requirements for students to earn a high school diploma to 24 credits. The Edmonds School District applied for a waiver of this requirement, delaying implementation for two years. All district students are required to earn 24 high school credits in order to graduate beginning with the Class of 2021. This is a change from the 22 credits required for students graduating through 2020.

In the district’s current high school schedules, students can take six classes during the school day. Over four years, this adds up to the required 24 credits but leaves no room for error.

More information on graduation requirements is available on the Edmonds School District website.



  1. We were just informed that the link to the survey sin’t working. We have asked the district to supply one that does and will update the story once we receive it.


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