Election 2016: Incumbent Democrats winning in 21st, 32nd Districts

Screenshot (516)The Aug. 2 primary proved to be a good night for Democratic incumbents, as expected, in the 32nd and 21st State Legislative Districts, which include Edmonds and parts of Lynnwood.

32nd District Representative Position 1

Incumbent Democrat Cindy Ryu cruised to victory with 73.76 percent of the vote, followed by Republican Al Rutledge, with 18.99 percent. Ryu and Rutledge will face off again in November. Keith Smith, who stated no party preference, earned 7.25 percent of the vote.

32nd District Representative Position 2

Long-time Democratic incumbent and children’s advocate Ruth Kagi received 64.56 percent of the vote and will face Republican David Schirle, who attracted 22.53 percent of the vote. Democrat Wesley Irwin got 11.1 percent and Libertarian Alex Hart won 2.8 percent.

21st District Representative Position 1

Incumbent Democrat Strom Peterson received 77.94 percent of votes while challenger libertarian Alex Hels got 22.06 percent. Both move on to the November general election, with Peterson heavily favored to repeat.

21st District Representative Position 2

Incumbent Democrat Lillian Ortiz-Self earned 56.69 percent Tuesday night and will face Republican Jeff Scherrer, who won 32.82 percent of the vote, in November.

Libertarian Bruce Guthrie got 6.17 percent of the vote while Mohammed Riaz Khan, who stated no party preference, finished with 4.31 percent.

US Representative, District 2

Incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen is in the lead with 51.17 percent of votes. Republican Marc Hannemann is in second with 32.77 percent. Libertarian Brian Luke, Democrat Mike Lapointe and Kari Ilonummi, who prefers no party, each received less than 10 percent.

–By Tony Dondero

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