Election 2021: Latest fundraising report shows Frizzell, Binda continue to lead in Lynnwood

    Lynnwood as of 09-19-2021
Name Office Raised Spent Debt Raising $5000 or more * Breakdown  of Contributions/Spending
Frizzell, Christine Mayor $17,329.00 $15,230.24 $0.00 Yes Click for Details
Smith, James Mayor $5,746.00 $3,657.57 $0.00 Yes Click for Details
Coelho, Nick City Council Pos 1 $6,397.00 $5,540.16 $0.00 Yes Click for Details
Sutton, Shirley City Council Pos 1 $3,585.99 $4,469.09 $0.00 No Click for Details
Decker, Patrick City Council Pos 2 $0.00 $1,220.00 $0.00 No Click for Details
Lashgari, Naz City Council Pos 2 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 No Click for Details
Binda, Josh City Council Pos 3 $17,809.29 $18,047.23 $3000.00 Yes Click for Details
Utter, Lisa City Council Pos 3 $401.01 $401.01 $0.00 Yes Click for Details


* Washington State Public Disclosure laws require that candidates who spent more than $5,000 on a prior campaign or expect to spend $5,000 on the current campaign must file campaign finance reports with the PDC. Candidates who do not meet either of these criteria must still register with the PDC and file a personal financial report, but are not required to file campaign financial reports.


With the Nov. 2 general election only six weeks away, some local candidates are reporting increases in fundraising and expenditures, while others show little change. This report brings you up to date as of Sept. 19, with the latest information from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) on the various candidates’ campaign finances. Additional details on other local races are also available at that link.

In the mayoral race, despite Christine Frizzell showing no additional fundraising since our last report, she continues to hold a commanding lead in fundraising, reporting more than $17,000 to date, and her campaign spending has more than doubled. Opponent Jim Smith’s number remain unchanged. For Council Position 1, Nick Coelho reports modest gains in both fundraising and spending. His opponent Shirley Sutton, who had previously shown no fundraising or spending, is now reporting significant dollars in both even though she is not required by law to do so. (That’s because Sutton continues to indicate that she plans to raise less than $5,000, which exempts her from filing reports with the PDC). Council Position 2 shows zero fundraising by either candidate, although Patrick Decker reports expenditures of slightly more than $1,200, showing no change since our last report. The biggest fundraising for the council races is reported by Josh Binda, who comes in just shy of $18,000 in the Position 3 contest. His opponent Lisa Utter’s numbers are unchanged from our last report.

The accompanying table details the figures reported by each campaign to the PDC as of Sept. 19. Information in this table comes from the Public Disclosure Commission and the Washington Secretary of State’s VoteWA web page.

For readers interested in following the money in more depth, the link in the right column opens the candidate’s detailed PDC reporting page with information on individual contributors, amounts each contributed, and how/where the money has been spent.  Look here to see the breakdown of contributions from individuals vs businesses vs PACs, detailed spending records, and more.

To keep you, our readers, informed throughout the election cycle, look to Lynnwood Today for regular updates on campaign finances along with other election-related news.

— By Larry Vogel


  1. Monday: 09/20/2021

    Wow! I couple of the Candidates are Spending LOTS of $$ – I’ll Put my “Twisted Math” to work on this and comment with some results.

  2. Monday: 09/20/2021

    Thanks Lynnwood Today and Public Disclosure Commission for the good #’s. I appreciate your good work. Looking at the City Council Race the average campaign contributions for the 6 candidates = $4,698.88. However if Joshua Benda’s contributions $17,809.29 are not counted the Average per candidate = $2,076.80.

    Joshua and his supporters have raised $17,809.29 and spent $18,047.23. In addition his campaign has borrowed and additional $3,000.00. This guy is on track to spend over $21,000.00 for a City Council Seat. I believe Council Members are Paid about $1,250.00 a Month. Hey Joshua!! This just doesn’t pencil out?? You have spent about 9 X’s more than the other candidates??

    Gosh! I voted for Joshua in the Primary! Joshua Spent ALOT of $ for my vote $. But Hey! I think my vote is worth a lot. Voter response in the primary was so small my vote was worth 3 to 5 votes!

    Looking Joshua’s Contributors shows us that 94% of his campaign contributions come from individuals and organizations located and based “Outside” of Lynnwood. Only 6% of Contributions come from Lynnwood Residents??? He appears to be more popular outside of than in Lynnwood? Maybe Lynnwood is just Cheap!

    OK. These #’s prompt two questions:

    1. Are “Outside Interests” attempting to Purchase Lynnwood City Council Position #3?

    2. Why do “Outside of Lynnwood Interests & Contributors” Value a Council position #3 so highly?

    Or Joshua is a GOOD GUY and Candidate who raises $ well and Spends it Better.

    This Guy is pretty good at spending other peoples Money $$$!! I’m having 2nd thoughts about giving Joshua access to the City of Lynnwood’s Check Book $$!

    OK Readers {if any} You are Welcome to Check my Math and respond to my questions.


  3. Wow Josh Binda looks like a lot of reckless spending: haircut, gas, clothes from Macy’s, Airfare, Chambers Bay, tickets to a show. Not they type of person I would want representing me.

  4. These people don’t even bother to get out and get to now the residents of our City. I have lived here for almost 20 years now and I have yet to meet any of these people who claim to care about us.

    Thanks Mike Miller for all that information. Joshua wont be getting my vote! If we are not careful we could end up with a city council like Seattle… that’s what outside interest mean to me. The few years have really opened up my eyes to how shake our way of life is and if we have to protect it. The only way to do that is know what is going on.

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