Election Watch 2015: Loren Simmonds and Shirley Sutton, candidates for Lynnwood City Council Position No. 4

The ballots for the Nov. 6 General Election were mailed last week and voters should have received them or should expect to receive them by Tuesday, Oct. 20. As part of our Election Watch 2015 coverage, Lynnwood Today will be reposting candidate statements and videos and also will be publishing a Q&A with the candidates.

Loren Simmonds
Loren Simmonds


P.O. Box 2193  Lynnwood, WA  98036-2193

Phone: (425) 750-0704

e-mail: LorenSimmonds@aol.com


Lynnwood City Council Election – 2015


I have been a resident and homeowner in Lynnwood for almost 35 years. My two children attended our public schools and both graduated from Meadowdale High School. Today, I am the proud “Papa Loren” of five grandchildren.

I have worked in the field of resource development virtually all of my professional career. I have served as an advisor to over 300 worthy non-profits agencies. I have owned and operated my own business plus doing contract work for several national firms.

I have three academic degrees including a BA, MA, and M.Div. While serving on the City Council, I earned the Advanced Leadership Certification from the Association of Washington Cities.


I am seeking re-election to the City Council. I have served on the Council from 2000 to 2015 and have served as Council President 8 of 16 years.

Lynnwood has its critics, and we do have our challenges as a community. However, the evidence clearly indicates that Lynnwood is on the cusp of becoming the major urban center of South Snohomish County. Our city is rapidly becoming a vibrant, sustainable community with engaged citizens and an open accountable government.

I am committed to working closely with the Council, Mayor, citizens and stakeholders on major issues that will define the future of our community for the better in the years to come. Together, we can and will turn our community vision into reality.


  • We must find and maintain adequate revenue sources to upgrade our aging infrastructure especially streets and arterials. We have streets in our neighborhoods that have not been repaired in 50 years. Our arterials are taking a pounding. Our traffic volume is equal to a city of 80,000 to 100,000 people including many buses and trucks.
  • Economic Diversity. We must push to create incentives for companies to locate in Lynnwood that have a Green Footprint and pay family wages that enable employees to live, work and recreate in Lynnwood. We need more balance and not depend on retail sales and the hospitality industry.
  • Aging Population. With the growing senior population in Lynnwood coupled with the imminent annexation of our urban growth area, we need to provide a senior/community center that meets the needs of various age groups. Especially senior citizens.
  • Neighborhood Councils. The building blocks for a transformed community are neighborhood councils. They will provide venues for coming together; initiate new ways to foster a sense of community; promote neighborhood identification; empower residents to affect change and serve as “resident consultants” to the elected officials on projects and priorities in their respective areas.
  • Sno-Isle Partnership. Strengthen our working relationship with the Sno-Isle Library to expand Library services in our rapidly developing City Center. This is a major resource to all South County.



Shirley Sutton
Shirley Sutton

Hello Lynnwood Residents,

I am running for Council to facilitate change in leadership. In 2014, the council majority cut $1,200,000+ from Fire/Medical Services and $500,000+ from Police budgets! Public Safety should be our top priority! I am concerned about these cuts and the impact it will have on all us. I will work to fully fund Fire/Medical and Police. We need less “flowers and fluff”. We need basic services! The Council needs to set Priorities of Government with all residents in mind.

The “tax-to-the-max” Council majority must be replaced with Council Members who make the hard decisions, not just raise your taxes to pay for their unnecessary “wish lists”.

As a life-long progressive activist, my concern is for the well being of all residents in the City of Lynnwood. I am excited about exploring ways to strengthen our council’s impact on issues of importance to our residents.

I support better community outreach, neighborhood meetings, and City support to protect our neighborhoods from graffiti, broken-down cars and rundown buildings. Better Code enforcement is one key to clean, safe communities. We need to plan, with your help, for a major earthquake or similar disaster to keep our families safe.  With your support, we can continue to improve service and quality of life for all.

In my professional life I mediated employee and labor grievances, used sound financial business practices while managing a 1,000,000+ budget for a Fortune 500 company. While in education, I held administrative positions and increased my department budget by writing grants to create programs for students.

Other Professional Experience:

Twenty years in corporate general management, Twenty-three years in K-12 and post-secondary education.


Bachelor’s: Law and Justice, CWU; M.Ed, Heritage University

Community Service:

Served on many state, county and local boards and on Neighborhoods and Demographic Diversity Commission for the City of Lynnwood.

I retired from the work world in January 2013.

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