Lynnwood activating its emergency shelters

With freezing temperatures and possible snow in the forecast this weekend, the city of Lynnwood is activating its emergency shelter network.

They will be open Saturday, Nov. 20 through Monday, Nov. 22 for anyone needing overnight shelter.

The shelters will be open to families, women and men. Evening and morning meals will be provided. To use this service, meet at Lynnwood City Hall (19100 44th Avenue West) no later than 7 p.m. for pick up. Individuals will be driven to local churches that are part of the South Snohomish County Emergency Shelter Network.

For more information contact Pastor Eileen Hanson at 425-478-9784.

  1. It’s about time.

    I hate to criticize any charity-minded individual or organization, but if you’re going to do charity work then you damned well should commit to doing it properly and not half-assedly.

    About a week and a half ago when the temps were dipping down to below forty for the first time, I contacted the LPD to find out about shelter options, as I know of a local guy here in Lynnwood who’s sleeping out in the elements. The LPD front desk staffer was very helpful and informed me that Trinity Lutheran ran a shelter as part of the local network. So, I called that number and it rang through to an answering machine with a message that was literally nine months old, and instructed me to call another phone number in Seattle which has since been disconnected.

    I’m sorry, but either do it or get the hell out of the way for people who will. That serves only to add confusion to the situation and that is the last thing people suffering homelessness, or those trying to help them, need. I can only hope the local shelters have gotten their act together now that truly inclement, unforgiving weather is about to be upon us.

    1. This is not something the City of Lynnwood is doing. This is not a city service. The city is not involved at all. So please do not drag the good name of the charities involved into the muck and stink that is City of Lynnwood polictics. Second point: Jacques would you please put your money where your mouth is or get the hell out of the way for the people who are? I can appreciate what you did for the guy sleeping out in the elements, but please stop being acting like a sourpuss as you aren’t involved. The guy sleeping outside probably knows about the network and the churchs providing this service. As for your comment about the churchs to get the ” hell out of the way for people who will.” Well? Who the hell will? Certainly not the city of Lynnwood; In fact this news site reported that Lynnwood Council Person Ted Hikel voted against the church network. No other churchs in the area haven’t stepped forward and no private business has either. Nobody else provides this service.

      1. You might want to follow your own advice and get your facts straight before you make an ass of yourself in public again like this.First off, where exactly did I say this was “something the city is doing?” I didn’t. The city’s involvement is to act as a referral and that’s what they did. Good job.Second, the “good name” of the charity (singular, as I only was referred to one) is not exactly very good seeing as I got an answering machine with a recorded blow-off message that hadn’t been updated in nine months referring me to a disconnected number. If that’s a way to earn a “good name” in your book then remind me not to ask you to help with any charitable outreach, ok? Speaking of which, have you become psychic and is that how you “know” I’m not already putting my money where my mouth is, as you say? If so, you’ll be wanting to get a refund from your psychic training academy because I am involved, which is why this issue ticked me off so thoroughly.

        I repeat, either do it right or stop acting as a roadblock for those who will. Having to run down a wild-goose chase with age-old recorded messages leading to disconnected numbers is a prime example of adding confusion, delay and frustration to an already dehumanizing process. Nice going.

        1. Dear JK,

          You are correct in that it was Lynnwood Today that implied the city is involved. “The city of Lynnwood is activating its emergency shelter network” I didn’t write that comment and reply very clearly did I? For clarity I wasn’t directing that small popening aragraph at you. Notice the clause “second point” ? But as it offended you I will apologize. I owe you that. As to embarrassing myself on this hugh worldwide stage read by millions of people and the resulting damage it will cause to my career and fame…well I don’t have that high of an opininon of myself so I won’t worry about typos. Now as to your involvement , I applaud you. Why didn’t you just call up Elaine ? It seems to me if you know somebody else doing this work in the area you should speak up Who? Please let me know? St. Thomas Moore? Alderwood Community Church? Edmonds Methodist? Fred Meyer? Wall Mart? Incidently I’m not a psychic, I don’t believe in them. Hey I got an idea? Want to get together? Perhaps the both of us should sit down with Pastor Elaine? We could consider volunteering at the cold weather shelter? I’ll be at Trinity tomorrow for the 9 AM service. I’ll introduce you to Elaine if you don’t know her. Let me know?

  2. To JacquesKlahaya
    Maybe instead of being so critical of volunteers (not the city) who staff and run the So. Sno. County Cold Weather Shelter you could have left a phone message or called the number directly to inquire about the shelter being open. Something to the effect “I see the cold weather if coming, could you update your phone message regarding the shelter please?” I’m sure those volunteers would have been happy to comply, and added it to the check list of hundreds of things to do to get a shelter up and running.
    Truly grateful for their efforts

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