The eve of a super blue blood moon

The night before a full super blue moon. (Photo by David Carlos)

Photographer David Carlos provided this commentary on Tuesday, the eve of a Super Blue Blood Moon:

I took this picture tonight, in case clouds obstruct tomorrow’s rare event:  A combined Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon, called a Super Blue Blood Moon.

It will be the first time since 1866 that a Super Blue Blood Moon will be seen from the U.S. since 1866.
What happened in 1866?
1.  Helen Keller’s tutor, Anne Sullivan, was born.  So was Butch Cassidy and H.G. Wells.
2.  Jesse James committed his first bank robbery.
3.  The nickel was approved for minting.
4.  The metric system was approved for use in the U.S.
5.  Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” was published.


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