Federal Transit Administration awards Sound Transit with $100 million for light rail

Image courtesy Sound Transit

Sound Transit has recently been awarded $100 million for the Lynnwood Link light rail project by the federal government, but will need to sign an agreement with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) before accessing it, or the $100 million the administration reserved for the project last year.

According to our online news partner The Seattle Times, this is the second year in a row that the FTA has reserved money for the project.

Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff told the Times Friday he’s “more optimistic than I’ve been in a year” that the agency will have a finalized agreement with the FTA by the end of 2018. Rogoff said he spoke with acting FTA administrator Jane Williams on Thursday about the final steps needed to get a full-funding grant agreement signed.

Those include routine negotiations on contract language and review periods for the Office of the Secretary of Transportation and the Office of Management and Budget, Rogoff said.

In total, Sound Transit is seeking nearly $1.2 billion in federal money for its line from Northgate to Lynnwood, which is now tentatively scheduled to open in mid-2024 at a cost of $2.8 billion to $3.2 billion.

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  1. Really is amazing to see the impact that good transit systems have on a community. Even though I don’t use them, it is clear just how many people do when you go by the park & ride lots and they are full every day. The continued expansion of the light rail will definitely help to stimulate the economies of all the areas it goes through.

  2. Does any of this mean Lynnwood residents don’t have to pay so much for car Tabs?
    I find paying $110.00 for a car that is 20 years old nothing more than “robbery”.
    Also told by Car Insurance Company the reason Insurance is so high in Lynnwood even when a person has a “clean” record is because there are so many accidents here.
    Come on people slow down it will not only save a life but money on Insurance.


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