Flashing yellow arrows coming to 32 intersections


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The City of Lynnwood is installing flashing yellow arrow signals at 32 intersections in the city. Installation is expected to be finished by June 2016.

Flashing yellow arrows indicate those turning left should yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, but may turn once the way is clear. The flashing yellow signals will replace signs that read “Left Turn Yield on Green” on current signals.

The City of Lynnwood cites a study by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program which found the flashing yellow arrow to be “highly effective at reducing driver confusion.”

The City says flashing yellow arrows are a low-cost measure that creates an opportunity to improve motorist safety at signalized intersections. The Federal Highway Administration has approved the use of flashing yellow arrows for nationwide use.


  1. I think that is a great idea.
    I would be ever so pleased if the city would look at the intersection on Highway 99 and 224th. There is congestion every day for cars trying to cross highway 99 and cars turning left or right onto Highway 99. The cars turning left much of the time have the right away and cars crossing Highway 99 have to be extremely careful even though they have the right away as there are left turn cars going in front of them.


    • Hi Carmela – The intersection of Hwy 99 and 224th ST is actually in the City of Edmonds.
      – Julie Moore, Manager of Communications, City of Lynnwood


  2. Not the “first city to get it right” by a long shot. Mountlake Terrace has some that seem to work very well. Quite a few lights are so long on Hwy 99 – in particular the ones at 176th and 188th. I have sat through 3 lights (due to backup) in order to make a L on Hwy 99 driving E on 176th. Such a waste of time and gas, not to mention the pollution this causes. Certain projects should get a “green light” much sooner.




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