Foundation for Edmonds School District awards $153,000 in scholarships


The Foundation for Edmonds School District announced Friday that it has awarded over $153,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors in the Edmonds School District.

The foundation’s growing scholarship program awarded five new scholarships: Lynnwood High School Class of ’88; In-State; Entry; Bumgarner Family; and Gaynelle Derr Memorial. In addition, the foundation partnered with the Edmonds School District’s Athletic Scholars program and together made 17 athletic scholarship awards.

Gaynelle Derr was an Edmonds School District teacher who passed away, and the scholarship was established by her family and friends in her loving memory. The Bumgarner Family Scholarship was established by retired chemistry and physics instructor Kenneth Bumgarner.

The Foundation has received generous funding from The Hazel Miller Foundation and district alumni. Included in this year’s awards were two $5,000 and 11 $2,000 Hazel & Morris Miller Scholarships, seven $1,000 continuing Hazel Miller Scholarships, one Lenovo Thinkpad and various alumni scholarships. Awards were presented at each of the district’s high school awards night ceremonies. Scholarship recipients were:

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Angel Garcia                      Entry Scholarship ($5,000) and Michelson Family ($1,000)

Edmonds Heights K-12

Zehraa Al-Hamad               Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Alijah Benbrook                 Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Frances Monahan               McIntosh Family ($1,500)

Edmonds-Woodway High

Kyle Bainbridge                  General Music ($1,000)

Julia Ball                            Manu Sood Memorial ($1,000)

Jorgia Barker                      Ron Fraser Memorial ($1,000)

Salihou Fatty                      ESD Scholar Athlete ($3,000)

Hannah Hicks                    ESD Scholar Athlete ($2,000)

Edward Kim                       Eda Harless Memorial ($1,000)

Tyler McAtee                    ESD Scholar Athlete ($2,500)

Yukino Parle                      ESD Scholar Athlete ($1,500)

Heather Reynolds               Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Zachariah Rothschiller       General Music ($1,000)

Generous Yeh                     Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Lynnwood High

Marian Basulto                   Lynnwood High School Retirees ($1,000)

Sea Choi                             League of Women Voters ($500) and LHS Class of ’88 ($600)

Rofaiel Dawood                  Hazel and Morris Miller Memorial ($5.000)

Abigail Douglas                  ESD Scholar Athlete ($3,500) and Don Fitzgerald Memorial ($1,000)

Hanibal Ghebrehiwet          General ($1,000)

Joanna Gomez                    McIntosh Family ($1,500)

Gabriela Guedea                  Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Brayam Juarez-Ramirez      ESD Scholar Athlete ($1,500)

Michael Kilgore                 ESD Scholar Athlete ($1,000)

Venecia Lucio                    NOW ($2,000) and Fred Donadel Memorial ($1,500)

Beneyam Mesele                Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Victoria Ruisla                    General Music ($1,000)

Meghan Spears                   ESD Scholar Athlete ($2,500)

Tuan Thai                          Manchester Family ($1,250) and Lenovo Computer ($1,500)

Brooke Thompson             ESD Scholar Athlete ($2,500)

Kanu Vasdev                      General Music ($1,000)

Meadowdale High

Kendyl Anderson               ESD Scholar Athlete ($3,000)

Kiara Dailer                       ESD Scholar Athlete ($1,000) and General Music ($1,000)

Matthew Johnson               ESD Scholar Athlete ($3,500)

Tanner Angel                     McIntosh Family ($1,500)

Olivia Gluth                       Manchester Family ($1,250)

Chance Gompert                Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000) and Caldart Memorial ($1,000)

Michelle Pham                   Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Natalie Rand                      Hazel and Morris Miller Memorial ($5,000)

Ethan Sargent                    General Music ($1,000)

Will Schafer                       ESD Scholar Athlete ($2,000)

Mountlake Terrace High

Alicia Barrette                   McIntosh Family ($1,500) and MTESA ($750)

Zachery Brown                  General Music ($1,000)

Gabrielle Clark                   MTESA ($1,500)

Candice Disney                  In-State ($5,000)

Joshua Ernst                       MTESA ($750)

Samantha Garcia Perez       Hawks Helping Hawks ($2,000) and MTESA ($1,500)

Samra Gebrehiwot              MTESA ($1,500)

Hannah Gibson                   ESD Scholar Athlete ($2500) and Eda Harless Memorial ($1,000)

Brendan Hayes                   Scott Copan and Bob Bauer Memorial ($1,000)

Alejandra Hernandez          ELL First Generation ($250)

Mallory Kellum                  Keith Ewing Memorial ($4,000)

Amanda Le                        MTESA ($750)

Sandra Lopez                     Gaynelle Derr Memorial ($2,500) and Derr Second Year ($1,500)

Katrina Ness                      MTESA ($1,500)

Trinh Nguyen                    Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Vivian Nowka-Keane         Gordon McLaughlin ($1,000)

Jacob Peters                       ESD Scholar Athlete ($1,000)

Trang Minh Phan              Bumgarner Family ($5,000) and Hawks Helping Hawks ($2,000)

Ethan Pyke                        General Music ($1,000)

Eliza Sandoval                    Cheeseburger Babies Community Service ($500)

Salma Saritama                   ELL First Generation ($250)

Eugene Seubert                   Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

Neil Wiborg                       In-State ($5,000) and MTESA ($750)

Kendall Yackley                 ESD Scholar Athlete ($2,000)

Jasmine Zenk                     ESD Scholar Athlete ($1,500)

Scriber Lake High

Madison Aguilar                 Barbara Escandon Future Teacher ($1,000) and Dr. Nick Brossoit ($1,000)

Julianne Hess                      Hazel Miller Memorial ($2,000)

District Alumni

Bryson Bruno (MTHS ’16)       Univ. of Washington        Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

AsiaLee Donnelly (MTHS ’16) Univ. of Washington        Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

Haeley Johnston (MTHS ’16)   Washington State Univ.    Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

Kevin Keogh (EHK12 ’15)       Seattle Pacific                   Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

Kevin Mendez (MHS ’16)        Univ. of Washington        Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

Selina Nguyen (LHS ’15)          Univ. of Washington        Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

Fiona Rand (MHS ’17)              Univ. of Washington        Hazel Miller Continuing ($1,000)

“We are proud to support our students in their higher education efforts, and to change their lives,” said Foundation Executive Director Deb Anderson. “Our mission has been to partner with the district in support of student learning, and to maximize the personal, creative and academic potential so that each student is career and college ready.”



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