From the Publisher’s Desk: Join me Aug. 29 to talk about how readers will save journalism

Dear readers:

In three weeks, I’ll be giving a TED talk, and I’m hoping you’ll watch — because it’s all about you.

That’s right. For several years I’ve been saying that readers will play a key role in ensuring the survival of journalism — and I proposed talking about that topic for the 2020 TEDXSnoIsleLibraries¬†program. I was thrilled to learn in early January that I had been one of 15 speakers selected to present.

In typical TED fashion, our talks were supposed to be delivered live with an audience at the Edmonds Center for the Arts. Instead, due to COVID-19, they have been pre-recorded, but I’m happy to say there is still a live element. On Saturday, Aug. 29, I invite you to watch my brief pre-recorded talk online via Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube at 10 a.m., followed by a live Q&A and discussion with a TEDX moderator.

You can register for the presentation and the live follow-up discussion here.

I want to thank each of you — in advance — for inspiring me to give this talk. Now more than ever, I believe that the future of journalism rests in the hands of those who are active participants in what we do — from submitting photos to letters to the editor, to alerting me to story ideas, to finding typographical errors, to making comments.

I look forward to “seeing” all of you on Aug. 29.

Until next time,

Teresa Wippel, Publisher



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