Garbage, recycling pickup canceled in Lynnwood Tuesday

Lynnwood residential garbage routes. Highway 99 is the dividing line — Republic Services west of Highway 99 and Waste Management east.

If you are a Lynnwood residential customer with garbage and recycling pickup scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 12, Republic Services and Waste Management have canceled collections due to weather. Both haulers also canceled collections on Monday.

Many customers of Republic Services and Waste Management already missed service a week ago due to snow. The company will pick up triple loads on the next scheduled pickup day next week — assuming no more weather events — at no extra charge.

Recycling is a different story, though. For example, if your recycling was scheduled to be collected this week, and is on an every-other-week basis, the next pickup will be in two weeks.

To learn more about pickup schedules:


  1. Is this information also true for those of us just north of the city limits and on the same pick-up schedule?

    • According to City of Lynnwood Recycling Coordinator Steve Fisher, both Republic and Waste territories serve north of the city limits – Republic up to 148th and Waste Management does all the rest.

  2. Do you know if they might provide skips locally for customers to drop off bags? We have a truck, and I would be willing to load it up with ours and neighbors’ extra garbage and drop if off to an authorized collection point. 3 weeks is getting a bit hard to manage for people with little space to store the extra bags. I can’t get through to WM on the phone and they don’t seem to be on facebook. Thanks!


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