Gay man seeks pardon over 1995 Lynnwood public-indecency sting

A Renton man is asking a state board to pardon his misdemeanor conviction from 1995, saying the arresting officer lured him into exposing himself in a Lynnwood park.

Our news partner, the Seattle Times, is reporting that after two decades of hoping people wouldn’t find out he exposed himself to an undercover police officer in a Lynn­wood park, Rodney Antonson is going public in a big way,

The 50-year-old Renton man, who pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of public indecency, is asking for a pardon from Gov. Jay Inslee in a case Antonson’s attorney says could have implications for dozens, possibly hundreds, of gay men arrested in police sting operations in the 1990s.

Read the story here.

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