George Hurst announces candidacy for Mayor of Lynnwood

George Hurst

George Hurst, currently serving as Lynnwood’s Councilmember no. 6, announced Monday that he will throw his hat into the city’s mayoral race this November.

Hurst’s platform centers on public safety and fiscal responsibility.

“Our police, fire and medical services should continue to be our top priorities,” he said in a press release.

Hurst currently chairs the Regional Fire Authority (RFA) Planning Committee, which is working to determine if the City of Lynnwood and Fire District 1 should combine into an RFA. He also serves on the SnoCom 911 Board, the City Disability/LEOFF1 Board and is the Council liaison to the Lynnwood Planning Commission.


  1. The idea of George Hurst becoming mayor is stressing me out. I did talk to George and told him that I am disturbed and losing patience of fear mongering and campaigns to break the trust of government. His reaction just tightened my knots in my stomach, he looked me straight in the eye and lied to me. When I caught him in his lie, he belittled my knowledge to an opinion. Now I worry if Hikel’s lobbyist group are going to spin my involvement as engaged citizen as being a lobbyist starting a smear campaign. It’s not smear campaign to recognize George has his mind made up how Lynnwood’s fire department should be ran and was going to deny this vote to the people. I am not joking when I say this stress can turn into an ulcer. So today is the last day I check lynnwood today until I can cope with local politics without getting so stressed. But it’s so hard knowing that Hikel has 4 candidates that he will be lobbing for. Just two of his candidates need to win to have control of the council. These candidates do have minds of their owns but you can’t deny the influence of lobbyist when it comes time to vote. While I’m away, I do encourage people to go out an run for office! I would be honored to have the current mayor to be reelected but I admit she doesn’t guarantee my vote if another candidate I think is more qualified. I do see that as a tall order to fill! I’ll be respectful if people think George is qualified but I wish there would be more options then two choices. So if you know someone or are someone who should run for council or mayor, the information can be found here.

  2. I am happy to report that I’m not stressed about local politics. Even though it’s disturbing that Council member George Hurst willing bold face lied to me without breaking a sweat, it made me realize my stress was more about the use of alternative facts in our society. When this term was coined, I was happy because I think it describes the difficulties of politics perfectly. There are not alternatives to facts but there is a pool of facts to chose from and politics chose the facts that support their agenda. Here are some facts
    -Previous council member Van AuBuchon and George Hurst suggested having an advisory vote
    -These council members knew the proper protocol of making an advisory vote and they never started that protocol.
    -George Hurst and Ian Cotton worked on the current ballot when they could have worked on a ballot of an advisory vote
    I foresee these candidates campaign, “We wanted to get an advisory vote” to say the people should have the right to vote. To me, I question why didn’t they pursue the proper method to get advisory vote? I can’t help to think this was politics on what was the best way to help their campaigns to get elected and keep Lynnwood Fire Department from not joining a region fire department.

    Politics are not easy because there is not a right thing to do; there are only advantages and disadvantages. I agree that an advisory ballot would have been ideal. But the reality of the distress of fire departments across the country is real. Every department is struggling to find resources as their needs for EMS grows. Lynnwood and FD1 have been working together more then just mutual aid. Together they have cut overhead and combine every resource possible in order to get more first responders on the street. Even with maximizing collaboration, they are falling short and only next option is to become a region mode to help keep up with the reality of the demands. I think it was a hard call not to do an advisory vote first because as much as people want the voice in a vote, they also want someone to response when they call 911. No matter what, someone will response it’s just a matter of how fast which is dependent on how much resources can be provided. I just hope as voters we learn to not see alternative facts as the only facts and balance what is ideal and what is reality. FYI – this post completely cured me of my stress, thank you for reading!

  3. How do I Volunteer for Hurst for Mayor? Need the address /Phone# for Campaign office . ANYONE ?!


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