City Council likely to allow residents to keep miniature goats

Ayoung Pygmy goal (Photo:  Wikimedia Commons)
A young Pygmy goat (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Lynnwood City Council appears to be in favor of making changes to the Lynnwood Municipal Code to allow residents to keep miniature goats.

A Public Hearing on the matter is scheduled for 7 p.m., Tuesday, May 27 in the City Council Chambers.

Currently, the keeping of goals is prohibited. During a previous City Council meeting a resident requested the council to consider allowing residents to keep miniature goats. The City Council directed staff to prepare a draft ordinance and work it through the Planning Commission.

The proposed code amendments would allow the keeping of a maximum of three goats on a single-family residential lot subject to restrictions designed to minimize the impact to the surrounding neighborhood.

Some of the restrictions include:

  • Maximum of three goats with exceptions for mother with babies
  • Size: 25 inches at withers and 100 pounds or less
  • 7,200 square foot minimum lot size
  • Male goats to be neutered.
  • All goats to be dehorned.
  • Wastes are subject to proper disposal.
  • Goats shall not be slaughtered on premises.
  • Goats are to be annually licensed.
  • Pen and shelter areas are required to be maintained in good working condition and shall not cause odor or nuisance.
  • 15 foot setback from adjacent property lines
  • Site obscuring fence adjacent to property line


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