Green pig signs spotted in Lynnwood, many removed by city on Wednesday


Bright green cardboard pig signs were spotted in Lynnwood this week near Alderwood Mall.

However, the signs violated the City of Lynnwood’s sign code and many were removed on Wednesday, according to city spokeswoman Julie Moore.

The pigs were installed by, which invites you to submit your email address to be entered to win a $1,000 cash prize.

The contest is sponsored by Trelora, a Denver-based real estate firm that has previously used this guerilla marketing stunt.

Lynnwood wasn’t the only place to be covered with pigs. They also appeared in Edmonds and were blanketed across the Seattle area, and the company acknowledged on its Seattle Green Pigs Facebook page that “our little piggies are causing quite the commotion.”

“Relax — we’ll be retrieving our pigs by the end of the week,” the post advised.

Many of the pigs were removed before then.


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