Happening nearby: Edmonds-based Interfaith Climate Action group to meet June 14

Members of Interfaith Climate Action marching with Bigfoot in the 2017 Edmonds Fourth of July parade.

Interfaith Climate Action (ICA) meets on the second Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the library of Edmonds United Methodist Church. The next meeting is this Thursday, June 14.

ICA is an ecumenical, faith-based organization whose purpose is “to publicly raise the moral and ethical issues involved in the climate crisis and to work for a just and sustainable future.”

The group was formed just prior to the Paris Climate Conference. During the last year, ICA has focused on partnering with the Mayors’ Climate Protection Committee to host Taming Bigfoot Edmonds, a community team-based competition to lower participants’ carbon footprint.

As the group looks to the future, they are inviting more interested people to join in. People from all faith traditions are welcomed and encouraged to come, “whether they are part of a religious community or just feeling the call to raise a moral voice in the climate debate,” an ICA announcement said.

If you are interested, but can’t make the June meeting, email gml794850@gmail.com to get the notice of the next meeting, as the group may have a different schedule over the summer.



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