Just Around the Corner: One more day to visit Green Lake Spud Fish and Chips — then it closes for a year

Here’s another photo essay from David Carlos profiling interesting places nearby.

As a kid, going to Spud Fish & Chips at Seattle’s Green Lake was a special event for me. Even more special than dressing up to go to Sears.

So it was with a little sadness that I visited Spud Green Lake for the last time. Saturday is its last day before the 1959 building is demolished for a 59-unit apartment complex.
Spud will return at the same spot once the new building is done, however.

I asked an employee what the staff will do until then. She said, “We’ll take a year-long vacation!”

One last time, I bit into a fresh, crunchy fillet. And the beefy brown fries didn’t disappoint. I’ll be back in a year, Spud Greenlake. It won’t be the same atmosphere, but it will have the same…sole.

Other Spud locations: Edmonds, Kirkland, and Alki in West Seattle.

— Story and photos by David Carlos

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