Letter to the editor: Act to save Picnic Point


Picnic Point forest, and with it, Picnic Point Creek and Puget Sound, is endangered! A developer plans 112 homes, now called Frognal Estates, aka Horseman’s Trails, upon these steep slopes within this treacherous slide zone. This conifer forest guards Picnic Point Creek where endangered Chinook salmon and threatened silver salmon spawn. It harbors an amazing array of wildlife, much of which is vulnerable as habitat continues to disappear. The large trees trap and salvage ever increasing stormwater runoff and fumigate odors of the Alderwood Waste Water Treatment plant.

The developer has attempted to address numerous environmental issues. However, this blueprint for dense housing ignores the irreversible damage done to a natural zone as sensitive as this historically active slide sector. Air and water quality, moderate temperatures, slope stability, the health of Puget Sound, Picnic Point Creek, and the forest wildlife – valuable County treasures are placed at risk. The community challenges, too, would be substantial – heavy traffic-notably adding to the density on Beverley-Edmonds Rd., overcrowded schools, and pedestrian safety, especially for children.

How can you help? Contact Paul MacCready, Project Manager, Snohomish County PDS, 3000 Rockefeller, Admin. Bldg. East, 2nd Floor, Everett, WA 98201. The deadline is Sept. 8 for comments. For more information, check the Picnic Point Preservation Committee’s Facebook page.

Joan Smith,
Picnic Point Preservation Committee

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