Letter to the Editor: Alderwood-Terrace Rotary thanks community, Alderwood Mall for support of Sharing Tree 2014

Dear Editor:

Thank you to our Lynnwood community members and to The Alderwood Mall!

This year donations were in excess of 1,200 toys, clothing items, and other gifts, which were distributed throughout our area to families in need. The Alderwood Mall has partnered with Alderwood-Terrace Rotary for the past 26 years to provide a location where donations can be accepted from our community members. These gifts are then distributed to the many agencies in our area that identify and support families in need. The Sharing Tree supports the area non-profit and food bank services with gifts and donations which are distributed to grateful families.

The Sharing Tree was a success for the Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club.
The community supported the Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club’s Sharing Tree.

In Alderwood-Terrace Rotary’s 26th year of collecting and distributing toys and clothing to those in need during the holidays, Rotary members and friends of Rotary who staff The Sharing Tree at the Alderwood Mall collect new toys and clothing from the day after Thanksgiving until the day before Christmas. The items that are collected are primarily distributed to families that are eligible for food stamps or who’s children are eligible for subsidized lunches.

Our volunteers find it is a pleasure to witness the communities’ generosity. It is especially heart warming when parents guide their small children in selecting a gift and bringing it to donate.

A story this year – a woman explained that her sister ‘s family was in dire need 4 years ago and was helped by the Sharing Tree. The woman explained that she had a promotion at work and brought 4 children’s bicycles. A  25 year old man bought $600 of gifts and said that Sharing Tree made sure he had a Christmas  for a couple of years in a row when he was young and he wanted to “pay back to the program”.

Our collection is typically over 1,200 items. At an estimated  $15 per item, the club has distributed over $705,000 in toys and clothing to the needy members of our community over the years.

Not only do our members overwhelmingly support this project with time and donations, it gives an opportunity for our community at large to donate to those in need. It is also a way for our club to introduce our community to Alderwood-Terrace Rotary.

Bryan Karrick
Alderwood-Terrace Rotary Club

Many donations were received this year.
More than 1,200 toys were donated through The Sharing Tree this year.

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