Letter to the Editor: Don’t wait until September, fire lawmakers in August

Dear Editor:

State lawmakers admitted they failed to follow the Supreme Court’s order to fund our children’s education. This was after the Court originally found lawmakers in violation of our State’s constitution back in 2012. Our children’s future can’t wait any longer.

Do Democrats and Republicans think they can continue kicking the can down the road?

Now I learn from a recent KOMO report that in order to comply with the court’s order, lawmakers are threatening to cut funds to our colleges and universities. Really?

Instead of killing college funding to comply with the court’s order to fund K-12, why don’t we start cutting big business corporate subsidies that aren’t helping our communities and use those monies to fund our children’s schools?

Better yet, now that it’s election season, we need to vote out incumbents and bring in new elected officials willing to put our children’s future before corporate greed.


Vincent Way

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