Letter to the Editor: Strom Peterson understands complexities of school funding

Dear Editor,

As a parent I have learned how much our local elected officials impact the lives of our children and our families. For that reason, I am excited that Strom Peterson, local Edmonds City Council Member, chose to run for the State House of Representatives seat being vacated by Rep Mary Helen Roberts.

I have personally worked with him on the Sister City program and other local matters. My belief is that Strom is focused on making sure that all children have great opportunities to learn and grow within their community. He understands the complexities of school funding and is attentive to critical areas within our education system that impact all students.

Perhaps some may ignore primaries because they don’t think it will matter or make a difference. All elections matter, especially when so much is in the balance. The education of our children matters, so please vote for Strom, who genuinely understands the complexities of educational funding but most of all genuinely cares about our children.

Michelle Van Tassell, Edmonds

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